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Top 5s in Rangeley

Take a trip to gorgeous Rangeley, Maine, where you can participate in a lot of fun adventures. Though Rangeley is famous for its lakes and rivers with plenty of scope for water activities like kayaking, boating, canoeing, fishing, and swimming, you can also enjoy many other types of adventures with your loved ones. If you would like to spend time in nature, you can head out for hiking, photography, wildlife watching, and bird watching. As the area is blessed with multiple natural wonders, it has so many activities available. Depending on the season, preferences, age group, and interests, you can easily pick something unique for your trip from the list of the Rangeley top 5 activities. Here are the best activities in Rangeley!

Rangeley Top 5 Activities for Every Reason

Do not miss the perfect opportunity to enjoy the great outdoors in Rangeley, Maine. If you visit during spring, you can hike and see the beautiful bloom of wildflowers. There are many mighty mountains, a thick cover of forests, and a variety of birds in the area. While hiking along the scenic trails, you can admire the view from scenic points and capture lots of photographs. Some of the popular hiking spots include the Cascade Stream Gorge Trail, Bald Mountain, Small Falls, and the South Bog conservation area. During the winter season, the entire area transforms into a winter wonderland where you can enjoy skiing, snow tubing, snowboarding, ice skating, and much more. Head to the popular Saddleback Mountain to ski over a variety of slopes. There are more than 68 ski runs and slopes of varying levels. Whether you are a beginner or an expert, you can find the right type of adventure with some of the best activities in Rangeley. The next popular activity is ice skating on Haley Pond. Located in downtown Rangeley, the ice skating rink is ready for enthusiasts of all age groups. Get ready for cross country skiing and snowshoeing at the Rangeley Lakes Trail Center. There are more than 170 miles of groomed trails in the area where you enjoy snowmobiling. It allows you to access many restaurants, shops, neighboring towns, and tourist attractions for a fun-filled experience with family.

Pick the best activities in Rangeley that appeal to every member of your group and make incredible memories in the Rangeley area. You can find many accommodation choices at Morton & Furbish Vacation Rentals.