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Top 5 Local Coffee Shops in Rangeley

If you are a self-confessed coffee lover, chances are you always search for the best coffee places wherever you go. It is an exciting experience to explore local coffee shops and try out locally sourced coffee. You may get an opportunity to sample unique coffee beans with particular flavor profiles different from the conventional ones. No matter where you go on a holiday, you can always look for the popular coffee shops in the neighborhood and get a taste of the local flavors. As the flavor of coffee beans depends on several factors such as weather, soil, elevation, and water, all these features can influence the overall taste of a cup.

If you are excited to head to the gorgeous northeast for your next trip, we can suggest Rangeley, Maine as a perfect destination. This picturesque location is surrounded by mighty mountains, large lakes, a thick cover of forest, and wildlife. There are many tourist attractions in the area known for their picturesque landscape. The Rangeley area is an excellent destination all year round, and it also has its own coffee scene you are sure to love! Read on to discover the best Rangeley coffee shops.

Exploring the Top 5 Local Coffee Shops

The Rangeley area is one of the happening spots in Maine with plenty of activity for tourists. From famous food joints serving local seafood to popular cafes with an excellent selection of coffee, you can savor it all. Let us tell you some of the best coffee shops in Rangeley where you can relish a delicious cup or two.

Classic Provisions

Located on Main Street in Rangeley, this cute little shop has everything from coffee to snacks, bakery items to entrees, and much more.  If you’re looking for coffee shops in Rangeley, the café has a selection of excellent coffee with different flavors and milk options.

The Rangeley Hideaway

Nestled at the entrance of Main Street, The Hideaway invites you into the warmth – and welcoming spirit – of Rangeley, Maine. Stop by for your favorite espresso drink, a handcrafted cup of drinking chocolate, or some focus time utilizing our world-class wifi in the loft or on the patio.

Moose Alley

The creativity and tastiness of the Inner Eye is now located inside of Moose Alley. The Espresso Café includes cappuccino, latte, chai, smoothies, and steamers. They have a full breakfast menu loaded with tons of options to start your day! From breakfast to bowling – Moose Alley is a must stop during your time in Rangeley!

Oquossoc Grocery

The Oquossoc Grocery has everything you need for your time in the Rangeley area. It is conveniently located on the West side of Rangeley lake and Mooselookmeguntic lake. They offer Green Mountain Coffee and Carrabassett Coffee. In addition to coffee, the OG is a grocery store with hot breakfast sandwiches, muffins and donuts, a butcher shop, deli, liquor and beer and newspapers. It is our go-to store for everything needed!

Lakeside Convenience

In the heart of downtown Rangeley – Lakeside is a one stop shop for all your needs! They carry New England Coffee and have all kinds of flavors to choose from. From drinks to sandwiches and everything in between, Lakeside will make your day easier by stopping in to see them!

Carrabassett Coffee Company

If you are looking for a scenic drive out of town. Situated in the little village of Kingfield, this small-batch specialty roaster has a wide range of the highest-grade coffee beans and single origin coffee varieties. You can check out the popular light roast varieties like Sunrise Breakfast blend and Carrabassett Classic. For medium roast options, we can suggest the Northwoods blend and Einstein blend. While if you are a fan of dark roast varieties, you can check out the Rooster Roast and backdraft roast.

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