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Top 5 Tourist Hot Spots

Maine is full of amazing locations both natural and manmade to enjoy during your vacation. The number of things to do can be overwhelming while planning your Maine vacation, so we put together this list of must do activities during your trip. These top five tourist hot spots include some of the most popular Maine tourism activities to do in the Rangeley, Maine area.

Height of Land

Maine is full of amazing views, but there is only one that puts the rest to shame. Height of Land is perched beside route 17 in Western Maine and offers you an expansive look at the sprawling Rangeley Lakes region and the beautiful mountains beyond. This viewpoint on Rangeley Lakes Scenic Byway has been declared the finest in the state, if not the entire New England region. This spot provides one of the most stunning overlooks in New England. With magnificent views of Mooselookmeguntic and Richardson Lakes and the White Mountains, this forested lake landscape provides the perfect setting for artists, tourists and all who appreciate mountain air and spectacular scenery. Since this area of Maine has become so popular, the state has actually recently renovated the area to allow increased capacity. There are now expanded parking and viewing areas for Height of Land so that more people are able to enjoy this natural wonder. If you have to pick only one Rangeley Maine tourism activity to do on this list, viewing out from Height of Land must be it.

Mooselookmeguntic Lake

Mooselookmeguntic Lake is a large lake in the western part of Maine near the border of New Hampshire and the Canadian province of Quebec. Mooselookmeguntic Lake gets its water from several rivers that lead into the lake and is the fourth largest lake in Maine. Named after an Abnaki word that means moose feeding place, this amazing lake is full of amazing natural activities like fishing, swimming, and nature observation. One of the most interesting things about this lake is actually that there are two small islands on the south side of the lake that make amazing adventure destinations. No matter what you are in to, Mooselookmeguntic Lake has something for just about everyone.

Rangeley Lake State Park

Rangeley Lake State Park is another amazing natural destination when visiting Maine. One of the most famous activities at Rangeley Lake State Park is the fact you can camp right off of the water. Rangeley Lake State Park encompasses 869 acres in the heart of Maine’s Western Mountains. Visitors enjoy hiking, picnicking, camping, wildlife watching, photography, and winter sports, as well as the long-established traditions of fishing and hunting. The lake’s cool, clear waters stretch nine miles and support world-famous populations of landlocked salmon and trout sustained through a strong commitment to catch-and-release practices. Four wheeling and snowmobiling are popular pursuits in the Rangeley area outside the park, with many trails available. One of the more popular things year-round is the forested hiking trail that leads from the park entrance to the contact station. This is a .75-mile hike, but it offers some amazing views of the park and even better views of what lives and grows there. Rangeley Lake State Park is a very popular destination for any Maine vacation.

Bald Mountain

Bald Mountain is Public Reserved Land that is managed and operated between the historic Rangeley and Mooselookmeguntic Lakes. This is a beautiful nature preserve, but one of the most popular activities here is the Bald Mountain Trail. This trail is about a mile from the trailhead to the summit and hikers can enjoy panoramic views of the surrounding Rangeley, Cupsuptic, and Mooselookmeguntic Lakes as well as Maine’s Saddleback Mountain, Elephant Mountain, The Height of the Land, and New Hampshire’s Mount Washington in the White Mountains. The trails are especially popular in the fall, when autumn takes hold and the trees swing into a variety of colors. This area is also extremely popular in the moose and deer populations who are frequently seen crossing the forested slopes. Bald Mountain brings together a moderately difficult trail with the amazing beauty that Maine has to offer.

Saddleback Mountain

With 68 runs and lift access about 4,000′, Saddleback has always been one of the most impressive ski mountains in New England.  The family friendly, community oriented mountain is the perfect place to go when you are planning your ski vacation with family or friends.  Enjoy a day of skiing and then go relax and warm up in the newly renovated lodge.  With plenty of seating, dining options and spectacular views throughout the lodge, you will want to take a moment to fuel up and get ready for your next run!  And Saddleback is not just for winter activities.  Check out the Saddleback website for information on summer hiking, biking and guided excursions and be sure to get the whole Rangeley experience when visiting one of the best mountains in Maine!!