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Top 5 Spots for a Gorgeous View

Maine is one of the most beautiful states in the entire country. You would not be disappointed if you just ventured out randomly into the wilderness, as you would be rewarded with beautiful forests and mountains. However, if you do want some help in planning your trip to include some amazing views, check out this top five list of Maine sightseeing spots for a gorgeous view.

Cascade Stream Gorge Trail

The Maine wilderness is full of interesting trails and hidden nature walks, but one of the best kept secrets is the Cascade Stream Gorge Trail. This short trail leads into the 90-foot-deep gorge of Cascade Stream and provides hikers access to a series of waterfalls and chutes. The trail leaves from the south side of the parking area and is marked by white blazes. Shortly after leaving the parking lot, the trail leads into the woods along the stream. There are several good viewpoints of the stream and falls along the trail which follow the bedrock on the side of the gorge. A higher trail away from the stream offers a loop opportunity, so make sure you choose the loop you want based on what you want to see. It’s also great to pack a lunch as picnic tables are available for use at the parking area. The stream itself is often used in the summer months as a local swimming opportunity so bring your suit with you!

Maine Sightseeing Spots at Angel Falls

Angel Falls is a one of the highest and most impressive waterfalls in Maine. To access this amazing natural wonder, you will need to traverse the 1.1-mile round trip trail with a 200-foot elevation gain, but you will be handsomely rewarded with natural views unlike anything else. From the parking area you will follow a logged path across the Berdeen Stream. You will continue to follow this trail until you hit Mountain Brook. Hikers will follow this brook and cross it three different times prior to reaching the falls. Once you reach Angel Falls, you will see the 90-foot “hanging” plunge of the water as it cascades into the shape of an angel’s wings from which the waterfall gained its name. Although this is a tough trek up to the falls, the views are simply magical, and you must see this natural attraction.

Bald Mountain

Bald Mountain is Public Reserved Land that is managed and operated between the historic Rangeley and Mooselookmeguntic lakes. This is a beautiful nature preserve, but one of the most popular activities here is the Bald Mountain Trail. This trail is about a mile from the trailhead to the summit and hikers can enjoy panoramic views of the surrounding Rangeley, Cupsuptic, and Mooselookmeguntic Lakes as well as Maine’s Saddleback Mountain, Elephant Mountain, The Height of The Land, and New Hampshire’s Mount Washington in the White Mountains. The trails is especially popular in the fall, when autumn takes hold and the trees swing into a variety of colors as the leaves fall. This area is also extremely popular in the moose and deer populations who are frequently seen crossing the forested slopes.

Smalls Falls

Just south of the town of Rangeley, the Smalls Falls Rest Area attracts more than just travelers looking for a driving break. Smalls Falls, with its scenic waterfall, colorful gorge, and fine swimming holes, welcomes all to see some of the best views in Maine, often including visitors from all over New England. The bottom of Small Falls consists of a 3-foot cascade falling into a 20-foot-wide circular pool. The next waterfall up is a 14-foot fanning horsetail with a deep, oblong pool that you can sometimes see people jumping into from above. Even further up the trail, you will find a 25-foot segmented waterfall, with a plunge on the left and segmented horsetail on the right. The top waterfall is a 12-foot horsetail and slide. Beyond the final falls of Small Falls lies tiny plunges and cascades with equally clear and beautiful water.

Height of Land

Maine is full of amazing views, but there is only one that is constantly at the top of the list. Height of Land is perched beside route 17 in Western Maine and offers you an expansive look at the sprawling Rangeley Lakes region and the beautiful mountains beyond. This viewpoint on Rangeley Lakes Scenic Byway has been declared the finest in the state, if not the entire New England region. This spot provides one of the most stunning overlooks in New England. With magnificent views of Mooselookmeguntic and Richardson Lakes and the White Mountains, this forested lake landscape provides the perfect setting for artists, tourists and all who appreciate mountain air and spectacular scenery. Since this area of Maine has become so popular, the state has actually recently renovated the area to allow increased capacity. There are now expanded parking and viewing areas for Height of Land so that more people are able to enjoy this natural wonder. If you have to pick only one thing to do on this list of the best views in Maine, viewing out from Height of Land must be it.