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Top 5 Under the Radar Attractions

Maine is well known for its beautiful lakes, lush forests, and amazing wildlife, but there are many more fun things to do that are not as well known. To help fill your next trip with amazing, fun activities, we have compiled this list of the top five under the radar Maine attractions that are must-do activities during your vacation.

Rangeley Region Lake Cruises and Kayaking

There are thousands of lakes in the state of Maine, and one of the best activities you can participate in is a lake cruise or kayak. These can be booked through a number of different companies and charters, but one of the best experiences is the sunset cruise. As the sun starts to set and the winds subside, remarkable sunsets are presented over the Maine wilderness and provide guests with breathtaking views. Guests will frequently see the majestic bald eagle flying over the water along with other water birds like the loon. No matter if you choose to take a lake cruise and calmly float along the water in a luxury boat or choose to take the more connected to nature route of a kayak, you are sure to experience Maine in a truly spectacular way with these Maine tourist attractions.

Cascade Stream Gorge Trail

The Maine wilderness is full of interesting trails and hidden nature walks, but one of the best kept secrets is the Cascade Stream Gorge Trail. This short trail leads into the 90-foot-deep gorge of Cascade Stream and provides hikers access to a series of waterfalls and chutes. The trail leaves from the south side of the parking area and is marked by white blazes. Shortly after leaving the parking lot, the trail leads into the woods along the stream. There are several good viewpoints of the stream and falls along the trail which follow the bedrock on the side of the gorge. A higher trail away from the stream offers a loop opportunity, so make sure you choose the loop you want based on what you want to see. It’s also great to pack a lunch as picnic tables are available for use at the parking area. The stream itself is often used in the summer months as a local swimming opportunity so bring your suit with you!

Small Falls

Just south of Rangeley lies the Small Falls Rest Area that attracts more than just travelers looking for a driving break. Smalls Falls, with its scenic waterfall, colorful gorge, and fine swimming holes, welcomes all, often including visitors from all over New England. The bottom of Small Falls consists of a 3-foot cascade falling into a 20-foot-wide circular pool. The next waterfall up is a 14-foot fanning horsetail with a deep, oblong pool that you can sometimes see people jumping into from above. Even further up the trail, you will find a 25-foot segmented waterfall, with a plunge on the left and segmented horsetail on the right. The top waterfall is a 12-foot horsetail and slide. Beyond the final falls of Small Falls lies tiny plunges and cascades with equally clear and beautiful water.

Maine Attractions at Quill Hill

Quill Hill has some of the best and most accessible views in all of Maine. Quill Hill is located on Oddy’s Road off Route 16 between Rangeley and Stratton. Quill Hill is known as a four mile stretch of the road that leads you to a 2,848-foot summit where you will find ample parking to see the views. Along with the amazing views from the summit you will also find a wood fired grill and picnic tables for your use and the wood is provided for you. You can walk from this rest area along the 3/4-mile trail or drive up to the summit. Guests are encouraged to see this view at night, but no overnight parking is allowed. Quill Hill is open 24 hours a day from May through October.

Wilhelm Reich Museum

The Wilhelm Reich Museum is devoted to the life and work of Wilhelm Reich, a medical doctor and psychiatrist who studied under Sigmund Freud. The museum has factual information based on his books, manuscripts, and private archives. The goal of the museum is to preserve this information from their original sources so that future generations can continue his work. Reich made path-breaking contributions to the understanding of psychiatric disorders, as well as to the theory and technique of psychoanalysis. Pursuing Freud’s original energetic model of health and concept of libido, Reich came to see the libido as a form of life energy, and eventually coined a new term for this energy, orgone energy. He made the study of this energy his main focus for the last two decades of his life. These Maine tourist attractions are a truly unique look into the life of a man who called Rangeley, Maine home.