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Top 5 Fancy Restaurants

A vacation is complete when you choose the perfect destination, book a nice accommodation, visit all the happening tourist attractions, and savor delicious food and drinks. Finding the right destination is the key, as it can deliver a relaxing feeling of a well-deserved break. We are eager to tell you about one such beautiful spot nestled between gorgeous mountains, a picturesque lake, and a thick cover of forests. You can book a relaxing vacation in the northwest. The Rangeley Lake region in Maine is known for its perfect weather and attractive landscape. You can participate in many fun-filled activities for a perfect break. There are plenty of adventures, numerous trails, lots of water sports, and so much more to do at this popular location.

You can enjoy unique activities in the different seasons. For example, the summer season is perfect for boating, fishing, swimming, kayaking, and paddle boating in the beautiful Rangeley Lake. There are many streams and ponds at different spots in town to stay close to the water and make the most of the experience. You can also hike the long mountain trails to capture scenic views. During wintertime, you can go skiing, ice skating, snowmobiling, and many other activities in the beautiful snow-laden terrain. And when it is time to enjoy some gourmet food, you can head to any of the fancy restaurants in town. There are many fancy restaurants in Maines where you can enjoy a fine-dining experience.

The Blue Orchid

If you are craving Thai and Chinese food, you can head to this popular restaurant on the main street. The place is famous among Rangeley, Maine fancy restaurants for its wide menu of Thai, traditional Chinese, and American Chinese delicacies. The menu has a long list of gourmet options made with fresh ingredients. It is also popular for offering hot pot tables. Sample some of the well-known gourmet choices like Pad Thai, orange chicken, green curry, and red oil dumplings.

The Shed

Enjoy mouthwatering American cuisine at this excellent restaurant in town. Situated in the Rangeley Lake region near Saddleback Mountain, the restaurant has a nice relaxing vibe with the finest selection of food and drinks. You can celebrate a special occasion with the appetizing menu of steaks. Customers enjoy the signature dishes like prime rib steak, brisket sandwich, fried clams, and lobster roll. They also have Mexican varieties like tacos and enchiladas.

The 45th Parallel Wood-Fired grill

Relish authentic American cuisine at this popular restaurant in Rangeley. The place is famous for traditional American dishes with flavorful recipes and high-quality ingredients. One of the popular options is the mouthwatering brisket. Other delicacies include prime rib, grilled shrimp, and the 45th Parallel Sandwich. You can enjoy an upscale ambiance with a wonderful view. The menu also features mouthwatering desserts and drinks.

The Red Onion Restaurant

One of the most popular Rangeley, Maine fancy restaurants, this spot is known for its wide diversity of dishes. There are so many items to choose from, making it a beloved choice for everyone in the group. You can relish gourmet options like meatloaf with mashed potatoes, liver and onions, pasta specials, hot and cold sandwiches, homemade soups, lasagna, and much more. This restaurant is famous for serving homemade delicacies with an authentic homely touch. You cannot miss the popular homemade fresh dough pizza with a variety of over 35 toppings and a blend of cheeses.

Parkside & Main

Head to this family restaurant on Main Street for your fix of traditional and modern American delicacies. You can find a long list of gourmet choices for the entire family. There are varied options of salads, starters, entrees, desserts, and drinks. Relish famous options like pasta, chicken marsala, fish tacos, and steak tips. The restaurant is one of the happening spots in the town with a vibrant and upscale setting.

Enjoy the Best of Rangeley at These Fancy Restaurants in Maine

You will find a never-ending list of fancy restaurants in the Rangeley region. It is easy to find a perfect spot that can appeal to everyone in the group. Besides the fancy restaurants with American cuisine, you can find casual food joints, brunch spots, cafes, and bars for a wholesome experience.

While booking a vacation, it is necessary to find safe and comfortable accommodation. To help you with that aspect, we are excited to tell you about our Rangeley, Maine vacation rentals. We have many rental properties all over the town with modern amenities, updated kitchens, the latest facilities, and up-to-date service. Our team can assist you with the process and explain the different choices. Whether you prefer to stay close to downtown near restaurants and shops or prefer a faraway waterfront home for a peaceful experience, you can easily find the right choice.

Get ready for a fun-filled vacation in Rangeley and create wonderful memories for a lifetime. Book your stay at one of our fully furnished Rangeley, Maine vacation rentals and pack your bags for your next adventure!