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Frequently Asked Questions

  • When is check in/out time? Can I arrive early?

    Check in is at 4:00 p.m. and check out is at 10:00 a.m. The 4:00 check in time is the only time we can GUARANTEE. If there is nobody checking out of the rental home the day of your arrival or coming in the day of your departure we do try to be flexible with your arrival and departure times. Please always check with the office to see if you can make adjustments to your arrival or departure times.

  • When is my payment due?

    We ask for ½ of the total amount due to be paid within 48 hours of making your reservation. Your balance is due 30 days before your arrival date. Your balance must be paid in full before you pick up the keys for your rental property. We accept all major credit cards and can process E-Checks as well.

  • What is the cancellation policy?

    Our cancellation policy does state that we can only offer a full refund if we can rebook the property for the same dates that you booked. If we are unable to rebook, we will offer a refund on all cleaning/linen fees collected as well as the Accidental Damage Waiver fee, but we are not able to refund the base rate on that stay.

  • What happens if I have to leave early?

    If you do have to cut your vacation short, we cannot offer any type of refund for those days that you may miss unless we rebook a portion of your stay.

  • What is the minimum age to rent a rental home?

    You do have to be 25 years of age, or be renting with an accompanying parent or legal guardian, to rent one of our properties.

  • Are pets allowed?

    We do have some homes that are pet friendly and are happy to help you to search for a home where your pets can also enjoy the vacation. Please do not bring a pet to a home that is not pet friendly. Often the reason the home is not pet friendly is because the owners do have allergies and if we discover evidence of a pet at a non pet friendly home, we will charge an additional cleaning fee and ask you to vacate the rental.

  • Can I go over capacity?

    No, we are very strict about capacity in our properties. The capacity is set not only based on the owner’s wishes, but also because of the design of the septic systems. We do have homes of many different sizes in our inventory and would be happy to help you find a home that would accommodate your entire group.

  • What should I bring?

    Morton & Furbish provides all bed linens, bath towels and a medium weight cotton blanket for your stay. We also provide your first round of toilet tissue, paper towels and trash bags. Morton & Furbish will leave dish soap and hand soap at each rental property. Renters are responsible for bringing/buying any extra paper items and trash bags that they need. Renters should also provide their own beach towels for their stay. Spices, condiments and coffee filters are not always at the house, so plan accordingly and be prepared to provide those items as well.

  • Do all rental homes have internet?

    No, some of our homes do not have an internet connection. There are many areas in Rangeley that are not able to get internet because of the rural location. There are a couple of solutions for you however. The Rangeley Public Library, Moose Alley and the Oquossoc Grocery all have free wi-fi. If you are just checking social media or using the internet casually, these are all easy places to log on and get your daily internet fix.

  • Will my cell phone work?

    This is a question that we often get from guests now, and the answer is “maybe”. There are many areas where cell phones do not work in our area. We are a rural location and cell signals are just not strong in many areas of Rangeley.

  • Will the dock be in for my stay?

    We do not guarantee docks being in before Memorial Day weekend. All of our homes are privately owned and have their property management companies that do the dock installations. We do our best to let the companies know when a rental may be coming in, but they may not always be able to get there before Memorial Day weekend. Most docks do get taken out around October 1st when fishing season closes. Our Mooselookmeguntic properties may take their docks out earlier in September because the water levels do drop starting in mid-August.

  • Can I see the cottage before I book?

    If you are coming up to Rangeley to look around at homes that may work for your stay we are happy to discuss the homes with you and give you maps to the properties. During the summer, our homes are usually rented, so we ask that you do not pull in to driveways and disturb guests that may be staying there. If you are planning to go and look around, 24 hours’ notice is appreciated so that we have time to get your options together and make sure you have a complete list of what may work best for your stay. We are not able to give out keys to homes to have people go and look around the inside of homes. We do our best to have updated photos of the inside and outside of the homes.

  • What if the property I am renting is for sale?

    We try to work with the realtors in Rangeley and help them schedule all showings on departure days at our rentals. That is not always possible however, and you may get a call during your stay to see if the house could be shown sometime during the week. If the house were to sell before your arrival, and the new owners did not wish to rent, we would either offer a full refund or work with you to find an alternative rental property.

  • Can I access ATV/Snowmobile trails?

    Not all of our homes have ATV or Snowmobile access from the property. Please, if you are coming up to Rangeley for either of those activities, ask a rental agent if you can access trails from the home and if there is enough parking for your trucks and trailers. There is also a search filter on our website so you can see homes that do have access to either ATV or Snowmobile trails. Please visit the Rangeley Lakes Snowmobile club website or the Oquossoc ATV website for more information on getting around the trails in the area.

  • Can I have my wedding at one of your properties?

    We cannot allow any wedding or event to take place at one of our properties unless you have rented a home that is specifically advertised as a property that will allow events of that type. We do have two homes that are available for weddings. Currently the Potters Place Event Venue is our only property that allows weddings. Weddings may happen at that home in late spring and early fall.

  • How can I find out about things to do in the area?

    The Rangeley Lakes Chamber of Commerce provides visitors to Rangeley with all kinds of hand outs and information about the Rangeley area. The Chamber is located at 6 Park Road in downtown Rangeley. Their website, www.rangeleymaine.com, is a great resource for guests before and during your stay. Morton & Furbish Vacation Rentals also provides you with a Rental Guide in your vacation home that gives you information about things to do while you are here in Rangeley.