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Top 5 Local Only Shops to Visit

Those looking for a fantastic outdoor getaway should look no further than the beautiful town of Rangeley, Maine! This quaint lakeside area offers tons of trails, mountains, and waters to explore and is a great escape from the hustle and bustle of everyday life. Although Rangeley is perhaps not the best destination for the shopaholic, there are quite a few local shops that cater to the needs of local residents and tourists alike that are can’t-miss shopping destinations in Rangeley. To learn more about the best places to shop in Rangeley, keep reading for our list of top five local only Maine shops to visit!

Nick Leadley Nature Photography

Rangeley is well known as an incredibly scenic vacation destination, with beautiful white snow slopes in the winter and an abundance of lakes and green forests in the summer. What better way to commemorate your trip to Rangeley than with a collection of professional photos taken by Maine shops? Nick Leadley Nature Photography is a local gallery and shop that specializes in books, prints, and photography workshops. Whether you want to purchase a print as a souvenir or learn more about how to capture the perfect photo yourself, Nick Leadley Nature Photography is a great shopping stop in Rangeley!

Rangeley Fireplace & Stove Company

One of the more unique shopping destinations in the area is Rangeley Fireplace and Stove Company. Here they specialize in, you guessed it, fireplaces and stoves, offering a great selection of modern and vintage offerings to keep you warm and cozy during those cold Maine nights. They offer a wide variety of both gas and electric stoves and fireplaces, as well as hearth accessories, such as fireplace grates, log racks, ash totes, and more. Make no mistake, these are not simple stoves that you would find at your local hardware stores but rather pieces of art. The craftsmen at Rangeley Fireplace are extremely talented at the art that they create. You are sure to find everything you need to customize your perfect fireplace!

Rangeley Region Sport Shop

Located in the heart of Rangeley’s Main Street, Rangeley Region Sport Shop is a local institution that has been outfitting fly fishermen in the area for generations! Founded in 1945 and originally named Fletcher’s Fly Shop, this Maine institution is known for its unmatched customer service and old time feel. Their goal is to be the first choice for fishing gear and outdoor activities in Rangeley. They offer a fully equipped fly shop that will outfit anyone from novice wrangler to experienced veteran. They stock locally made flies and offered guided services that offer instruction on how to best catch the local fish. One of the best things they offer is a local weekly fishing report that comes out weekly and an informational blog on their website. The people at Rangeley Region Sports Shop really take their job to the next level.

Alpine Shop of Rangeley

The Alpine Shop of Rangeley specializes in summer and winter clothes especially sports and outdoor apparel for men and women to help them meet the needs of the Maine wilderness. This amazing local shop stocks all the best lines of outdoor wear like. Patagonia indoor and outdoor clothing, Sigrid Olsen, Woolrich, Icelandic sweaters, Teva sandals and footwear, Lowa footwear, Royal Robbins, Merrill hiking boots, and Maine made products including maple syrup, candy, and unique gifts you may not be able to find elsewhere. The shop prides itself in providing excellent customer service which includes gift boxes, ribbon, and gift boxes for the Christmas season. If you plan on going outdoors for any portion of your trip, you will definitely want to stop by the Alpine Shop of Rangeley on your Maine shopping trip to get geared up first.

Rangeley, Maine Shopping at Ecopelagicon

Ecopelagicon is a nature store that stocks everything you may need to explore beautiful Maine. One of the items that Ecopelagicon specializes in is the kayak. The philosophy of the people at Ecopelagicon is that with a kayak you can explore for yourself the chain of lakes in Maine that are all connected waterways. You can see the areas lakes all from the top of a kayak or canoe. You can travel all seven chain lakes, including Rangeley Lake, Mooselookmeguntic Lake, Cupsuptic Lake, Upper and Lower Richardson Lakes, Kennebago Lake, and Umbagog Lake with the wonderful knowledge and support that are offered by the people at Ecopelagicon. If you are not wanting to purchase your own equipment, they will also rent out the top-of-the-line gear for you to truly experience Maine. You can rent a kayak by the day or week, and they also have car carriers so that you can travel throughout the state. They have really thought about everything you will need when you are traveling through Maine in a kayak or other watercraft.