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Sample Rental Agreement


We are dedicated to matching each guest with the perfect home.
We respect and work to enrich the community in which we live.
We succeed only when we meet and exceed the expectations of our guests.
We have a passion for excellence and will endeavor to deliver
the highest standards of service, value, integrity and fairness.  

A completed Vacation Rental Agreement is required to confirm a reservation.

The Rental Deposit for 1/2 of the total amount due should be paid within 48 hours of making your reservation by either credit/debit card or e-check.  Payment in full is due if you are making your reservation within 30 days of your arrival date.

Dear Guest,

This is the rental agreement for your stay in the  {reservations.unit_name} property from  {reservations.startdate}  to  {reservations.enddate}.  Please take the time to read over the agreement and sign and return the last page to us before your arrival date.

We remind our guests that all of our vacation rental homes are privately owned homes and ask that you treat your rental home with respect.

This rental agreement is a binding legal contract and should be carefully reviewed. By entering into this contract, the guest is agreeing to all of the obligations and responsibilities outlined in this document.

Guest agrees to indemnify and hold harmless Owner and their representatives from and against any liability for personal injury or property damage sustained by any person (including Guest’s family and any guests), as a result of any cause unless caused by the gross negligence or the intentional willful act of the Owner.

This agreement is entered into, by and between Morton & Furbish Vacation Rentals (Agent) on behalf of the Owner of this property (Owner) and (Guest) who is responsible for the actions of their family and guests. The Guest hires from the Owner for use as a vacation home, those premises described in “Rental Property” for a term commencing on “Arrival Date” at 4:00 PM or later and terminating on “Departure Date” before 10:00 AM as specified in this agreement. Please contact our office if you are going to arrive late on your check-in day or if you will be checking out early.

Because our properties are privately owned, the owner of the property has 60 days prior to your arrival date to cancel your reservation. This does not happen often, but if this should occur, Morton & Furbish Vacation Rentals will work to find you a comparable vacation property from within our inventory.  If there is not another property that will work for your stay we will offer a full refund of any monies you have put down for your stay.


Each property lists the number of people allowed. This is determined by the number of sleeping spaces and the capacity the septic system can sustain. We ask that you not exceed the number listed either by the size of your party or by the number of guests you have visit during your stay.  Morton & Furbish Vacation Rentals has the right to ask you to leave if capacity is exceeded and you would forfeit all money paid.

The use of recreational motor vehicles, trailers, mobile homes, trucks with camper inserts in the bed, and any other vehicles that provide sleeping accommodations, for purposes other than transportation, are prohibited.  Over occupancy of rental cottages INCLUDES occupying vehicles of this type and subjects tenant(s) to eviction for violation of the occupancy limits.  Some areas do also prohibit even parking RV’s in the driveway of a home.


Payment schedule: We require a 50% deposit to secure your reservation. We must have a credit card number on file.
Final payment (rent balance including all applicable taxes and fees) is due 30 days prior to your arrival date.  For your convenience, we will automatically schedule your final payment using the credit card on file.  One reminder will go out to you 30 days before your payment is due, giving you time to update any credit card information that is on file.  If you prefer to make alternate payment arrangements for this payment, please email us and let us know.

We do accept all major credit cards and e-checks for your payment.


All reservations are final. If you should have to cancel for ANY reason, we cannot refund money unless we are able to rebook the property for the same dates. If the property is rebooked your funds will be returned minus a $50.00 processing fee. We do not refund for weather events.

We do offer two types of  trip cancellation insurance that would protect your funds in case of emergency.  Play Travel Protection will offer a full refund if cancelling for certain reasons within the policy.  Play Travel Protection – CFAR will offer a 60% refund and must be purchased within 14 days of making your reservation.  Not available for guests traveling from NH, NY and WA, and not available if your arrival date is within 30 days of your booking date.   If you would like more information about the travel insurance please call 1-833-610-0736.  For a Summary of benefits included in this policy please visit  https://playtravelprotection.com/coverage-overview/


Guests must be 25 years of age or older to rent our properties.

Check in instruction will be sent to you via email before your arrival and you will go directly to the property to check in to your vacation rental.  Check in is at 4:00 p.m. or as soon as the property has been cleaned, inspected and deemed ready for occupancy.

Check-out time is 10:00 AM.  Please follow the check out instructions at the rental property on your departure day.  Refunds will not be issued for early check out.

Guests are expected to depart on their check out date.  If staying longer than the check out date please note that guests will be charged the nightly rate plus taxes and fees for any additional nights.  Guests are expected to check out by 10:00 a.m. on their check out date unless arrangements have been made with the office for a later check out time/day.

The account summary will list the basic rental fee for the property, Maine sales tax (9% of the base rental fee), a flat rate cleaning fee, optional Linen and Towel package fee, and pet fee if your rental home is pet friendly ($25/day).   If you are not bringing a pet with you to a pet friendly property, you will not be charged that fee.  A non-refundable damage waiver fee is also charged on each reservation.  The damage waiver covers up to $1500 worth of accidental damage that may occur during your stay and takes the place of a security deposit.

Every guest that stays at a property managed by Morton & Furbish does pay an exit cleaning fee.  We have a full time housekeeping staff that will go in and clean/inspect the property before a guest arrival and will also go in on a guest departure day and clean after the guest leaves.  While all staff here at Morton & Furbish expect cleaning at a property to take some time, there is also an expectation of guests that they will keep the house in a respectful state of cleanliness during their stay.
***If upon departure the rental property is left in a state that requires excessive cleaning or maintenance, the guest will be charged an additional hourly rate of both housekeeping and maintenance to get the house back to a our standard of cleanliness before the next guest’s arrival.  

Please indicate that you have read the information on the cleaning policy: {{initial}}


Morton & Furbish Vacation Rentals will provide linens, towels and paper products for your stay.  Included in your pricing on your reservation is the fee for the Linen/Towel Package where we will supply linens for each bed, medium weight cotton blanket and set of bath towels and wash cloths for each guest (as indicated by the property capacity).  That would also include kitchen towels, body soap, paper products and trash bags to get you started.


Each property is equipped differently as described in the property listing. If the property lists a CHARCOAL GRILL the Guest is responsible for supplying the charcoal. If the property lists a GAS GRILL a gas tank is provided. Most properties also keep a spare tank for the use of the Guest. If you have any problems with the gas tanks, please contact our office immediately.


If you are renting a home with a hot tub, the hot tub will be cleaned and ready for your use by 4:00 p.m. on the day of your arrival.  The hot tub is cleaned and treated weekly throughout the year, and may be treated during your stay as well depending on the length of the stay.  Please call us immediately if the hot tub needs attention.  Please make sure to call us during your stay if hot tub needs to be serviced and do not add any chemicals or water to the tub yourself.  Please supervise all children while in and around the hot tub. Guests staying in a property with a hot tub are charged a hot tub fee.

Please remember to wash off any dirt, lotion, grass, etc before getting in the tub or the jets and drains may not work properly during your stay.  When you rent a home with a hot tub you are taking responsibility for following all hot tub rules that are listed in the home.  If you do not follow the rules for hot tub use, and the hot tub needs extra attention for cleaning and chemical additions during your stay, the renter may be charged an additional fee.   


Trash will be removed on check-out day. If you need to remove trash before your departure, you may use the dumpster located behind the Morton & Furbish office. If you are in a cottage community (Saddleback Lake Lodge, Rangeley Manor, Russell Cove, Lakehouse Condo or Lodges Condos) you will find a dumpster on site.  If you are not sure of the dumpster location please call of email the office and we will let you know where that is located.


PLEASE contact our office immediately should you discover a problem in your vacation home. Morton & Furbish Vacation Rentals does offer 24 hour maintenance service. The Owner and/or Agency are not responsible for compensation of any part of the Guest fees due to failure of appliances or fixtures resulting in short term inconvenience.  We always do our part to remedy problems to the satisfaction of our guests.


Morton & Furbish Vacation Rentals offers some pet friendly properties. If you choose to bring your pet to a pet friendly property, a $25/day fee will be added to your reservation account summary. Please do not bring a pet to a non-pet friendly property. Should we discover evidence that a pet was in a non-pet friendly property a $300 fee will be added to your account summary to cover special cleaning costs and you will be asked to leave the home and forfeit all money paid.

If you are bringing a pet or pets with you for your stay, you will be emailed a separate agreement about your pet(s) to fill out and return to us before your stay.  Please acknowledge that you have read the rules about bringing pets to your vacation rental. {{initial}}


All properties are non-smoking.  Anyone who fails to adhere to this policy will be asked to leave immediately and forfeit any monies paid.   This policy includes smoking of nicotine cigarettes and marijuana as well.  Smoking outside of the home, at least 10 feet from any open windows or doors of the house is permitted with the understanding that guests will not discard any cigarette butts on the grounds of the property.  If we discover evidence that smoking/vaping occurred inside the home during your stay, or if we have to clean up an outdoor area after a guest that was smoking on the property a $300.00 fee will be charged to your account to cover special cleaning costs.


Most of the properties are equipped with a TV. The property listing will detail whether satellite or cable is available. Without satellite or cable, there is no reception so TV would be best used for VCR/DVD viewing.  Some of our homes do now have Smart TV’S only.  That will be indicated on the property page and the guest is responsible for using their own streaming accounts.  Please do not call the emergency number for television issues.


Some properties are equipped with telephones for local calls only. Long distance calls and directory assistance calls must be collect calls or charged to a calling card. Cell phone reception varies according to location and service carrier.


The property listing will detail if internet service is available at the property.   Not all of our homes do have internet access, so please check the property listing.  If you should have issues with the internet please call the office for assistance.  Please do not call the emergency number for internet issues.

We understand that sometimes items do get left behind and we have to send those to you.  If you discover that you have left something in the property rental, please call or email us with a description of the items and where you believe you would have left them.  We are happy to have housekeeping look for them the next time they are at the property and send them via UPS to you.  We do charge a flat $30 fee for shipping items back to a guest, unless the cost to ship is over that amount, and can take payment over the phone for that charge.

Water quality varies at each property. We advise Guests to use bottled water for consumption.

Even the most ordinary-looking things (beaches, boats, floats, canoes and kayaks) can be dangerous for an untrained or inexperienced operator.  PLEASE exercise care at your rental.  Your safety is our biggest concern, so if you have questions about any of these items, ASK FIRST, and do not use them until you are confident that you can do so safely.  If any amenities (including any beach, any type of boat, float, raft, deck, walkway, dock mooring, hot tub or other amenity) are available for your use, you take full responsibility and risk for their use.  Neither the Owners nor their Agent make any representation as to the soundness or safety of any such amenities.  If anyone in your party uses any amenity, with or without Owner’s permission, that action shall be construed as a statement of that individual’s competence to handle or utilize it safely and the Owners and the Agent shall be in no way legally accountable for any damages or injury to any persons or property resulting from such use.
Renters are responsible for inspecting and assessing the dock on the rental property to ensure that it is adequate for their boat.  Morton & Furbish Vacation Rentals is not responsible for any damage done to a boat while it is on the dock or mooring.  We recommend removing boats from water if high winds and storms are forecasted.  Please bring with you bumpers, ropes and anything else needed to protect your boat and the dock at the property from damage during your stay.   No diving off docks please!

Campfires are PROHIBITED unless there is a designated area for fires on the property. DO NOT create a fire pit if one is not provided.  Wood is NOT provided for most fire pits.  You will need to purchase a bundle while you are here at the one of the stores in town or use already fallen wood around the property.   Please do not cut down any trees or but any branches from live trees around the property.

There are ABSOLUTELY no bachelor or bachelorette parties allowed at any of our rental homes

Our properties are all located in residential zoning areas.  The town of Rangeley does have a noise ordinance and guests are asked to adhere to the noise ordinance which does state that no persons or persons shall make any excessive unnecessary or unreasonable noise or disturbance especially between the hours of 10:00 PM and 7:00 AM.

Some of our homes do have direct ATV/dirt bike trail access.  Please do not ride any off road vehicle from a property that does not have direct trail access.  If when renting at one of our homes with trail access, please ride to and from the trail access only.  Do not ride around the property or up and down roads.  We want our guests to be good neighbors and enjoy the area without disrupting others, so please help with this so everyone can enjoy their time here in Rangeley.

The use of fireworks is not permitted at any of our locations.  This is an ordinance in the Rangeley area that does state that a person can only use fireworks with a permit and on a property that is their own or that they have written consent from the homeowner to use those fireworks on the property.  None of our homeowners authorize renters to use fireworks.


Guests are asked to please be respectful of neighbors and do not fly drones at their vacation homes.

We do not allow weddings to be held at any of our private rental homes with the exception of Potters’ Place.  Please respect the owners home and grounds and do not go over capacity at any of the properties for any type of event or wedding.  If it is found that such an event is being held at the property, the guests will be asked to leave and money paid would be forfeited.

Morton & Furbish Vacation Rentals does manage some properties that are listed for sale on the real estate market. If you are staying in a property that is for sale, a broker may call for a showing during your stay. We try to arrange these showings for change-over days so that your stay will not be interrupted.  If the property should sell and the new owner does not wish to honor the rentals that are already booked in that property, we would work with you to find a comparable property rental for your stay or offer a full refund.  If you are unsure if your rental is listed for sale please ask.


Mailing Address:
PO Box 1209
Rangeley, ME 04970

Physical Address:
2478 Main Street
Rangeley, ME 04970

888-218-4882 (toll free)
207-864-5208 (emergency only)

E MAIL:  info@rangeleyrentals.com

Website: rangeleyrentals.com


From the South – take exit 75 off the Maine Turnpike (Lewiston/Auburn). At the end of the ramp, take a left onto Rt. 4 North. Follow Rt. 4 North for about 2 hours. Rt. 4 is Main Street in Rangeley. Our office is located at 2478 Main Street, on your left (next to the Camden National Bank) as you come into the village.

From Errol, NH – Follow Rt. 16 to the Rt. 4 intersection. Take a left onto Rt. 4 South. Follow Rt. 4 South about 7 miles. Rt. 4 is Main Street in Rangeley. Our office is located at 2478 Main Street, on your right (next to the Camden National Bank) as you go through the village.