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Top 5 Hidden Gems in Rangeley

The Rangeley lake area in Maine is one of the best scenic destinations in the northeast region of the country. With plenty of gorgeous wonders featuring a picturesque landscape, this location is a popular spot where you can feel one with nature. Whether you’ll like a laid-back vacation for a peaceful experience or an adventure-based holiday with lots of outdoor adventures, you’re sure to accomplish all this and more in Rangeley. You’ll find plenty of tourist attractions in the Rangeley area that rank near the top of the list of must-visit spots. Nature lovers can definitely look forward to enjoying a great time while exploring the area on foot or on a bike. Some of the popular spots like the Rangeley State Park, Height of Land, Mooselookmeguntic lakes, Haley Pond, and Coos Canyon attract tourists from far and wide. But if you’ll prefer to explore the region like a true local, you can check out some hidden gems in the area. These spots do not fall under the radar of tourists and hence allow you to enjoy a quiet and relaxing experience. You’ll get the opportunity to go off-the-beaten path while appreciating the beauty of the area in a natural and raw form. Check out this list of hidden Rangeley things to do that are truly worth visiting.

Cascade Stream Gorge Trail

As the Rangeley area is blessed with plenty of water bodies. If you’re looking for things to do in Rangeley,  you’ll have a great time in the water. The Cascade Stream Gorge Trail is an undisturbed and quiet scenic wonder featuring a flowing stream. It is an excellent hiking spot suitable for kids too. At the end of the hike, you can relax and swim in the water while adoring the scenic landscape of mighty mountains and rolling hills.

Bald Mountain

Escape the usual tourist attractions to admire the Rangeley area from a quiet spot. The hike to Bald Mountain offers glimpses of the natural beauty but the final price lies at the top of the path. Here, you can capture scenic panoramic views of the lakes and mountains while enjoying things to do in Rangeley.

Gnome Village

Situated within the popular Rangeley Lakes Trails is an unusual gem waiting to be explored. The Gnome Village features more than a dozen ceramic gnomes living in tiny wooden houses constructed at several spots along the trail. It is called Gnome Home Roam that started as a community project to encourage locals and tourists to hike over the trails. The houses are situated on trees and include several ceramic gnomes made by local art students. It is fun to visit one house after the other while following the signage that turns into a unique adventure hunt.

Hunter Cove Wildlife Sanctuary

A 100-acre stretch of natural habitat featuring a wide range of birds, reptiles, animals, and trees, the Hunter Cove Wildlife Sanctuary is a hidden gem worth visiting. It is also a deer wintering area. You can explore the landscape over a series of trails which include both family-friendly easy trails and a few steep loops. You can enjoy bird watching, photography, and hiking at this gorgeous natural wonder.

Maine Forestry Museum

If you’re a great fan of nature, history, and local culture, you must definitely include a visit to the Maine Forestry Museum in your itinerary. You can understand the history and culture of logging in Maine that made this area so special since the good old times. It has many artifacts, exhibits, and displays depicting the contribution of loggers in the area. You can also watch a film about logging history since the 1930s and hear stories from the local families.

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