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Here’s a treat….want to say “I walked the Appalachian Trail!” and have the chance to see an enormous rock that appears to be suspended in midair? Here you go!! You may even want to explore the boulder caves further up the trail beyond the rock or the unique privy at the Piazza Rock lean-to that features a “two holer” with cribbage board (only in Maine…)! The beginning of the trail is a bit of a grunt and you’ll think, “what the hay?”….but after the initial elevation gain, it becomes a very pleasant and enjoyable (1.8 mile) walk through the woods to these interesting geological features. Just prior to reaching the Piazza Rock Lean-To, you’ll see a side trail that leads to the actual Piazza Rock. Be careful as you and your family explore the rock and caves as this is nature, not a designed playground.

Directions: Travel 9 miles south on Route 4. At the top of what is known as “The S turns”, you’ll see a large parking area on the right. The trail to Piazza Rock is easily visible across Route 4.