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The main section of this trail is two miles that skirt the back nine holes of the golf course with an additional mile (if you choose) around the front nine holes. The trees and flora have all been identified for you and, in mid-June, a special feature of this walk on the one mile section is an extensive lupine field with the beauty and wonderful scent they provide. The trail does put you out on the shoulder of the Mingo Loop Road in a couple of spots to avoid the actual greens of the golf course or to return to your car, but this road is relatively quiet with little traffic.

Directions: From downtown Rangeley, head north on Route 4 for about 2 miles, turn left onto Mingo Loop Road, continue 0.4 miles, turn left onto Alpine Way. The maintenance shack for Mingo Springs Golf Course is on the left with an area to park. Cross Mingo Loop Road to access the trail.