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Attractions for Children in Rangeley

If you are excited and eager to plan a trip with your kids, you may be hunting around for the right destination. For a kid-friendly vacation experience, you will want to visit somewhere that has unique and novel attractions. For a nature-blessed destination with plenty of natural wonders, we can suggest the gorgeous Rangeley, Maine. Situated in northeastern region of the country, this famous destination has many attractive spots suitable for kids. It is a spot with plenty of mountains, lakes, trees, and wildlife. The destination is famous among families as it gives an opportunity to unplug from your daily routine while staying close to nature. If you choose a vacation rental in a quiet and secluded spot surrounded by nature, you can enjoy a unique experience away from the usual hustle of daily life with tons of great Rangeley Maine attractions nearby.

About the Area

The Rangeley region has the mighty White Mountains and plenty of lakes like Mooselookmeguntic Lake, Richardson Lake, and other bodies of water. The clear blue waters allow you and your kids to admire the natural beauty while checking out the local fish species and native plants. The area is famous for water activities like kayaking, boating, swimming, lake cruising, and many other adventures. It is a perfect destination that you can visit any season of the year. During spring and summer, you can enter play in the water and have lots of fun. There are plenty of shallow ponds and swimming holes all around the area. The fall season is known for creating a beautiful landscape with changing colors of leaves, while the winter season is a perfect time where the area turns into a playground for skiing, snowboarding, snowmobiling, snowshoeing, and other adventures.

Fun Rangeley Maine Attractions for Children

There are so many attractions for children in the gorgeous Rangeley area. With plenty of attractive spots on the list, it is easy to plan your days with kids. To start the trip, you can visit the famous Rangeley Lake State Park. The popular attraction has many play areas for children. There are walking trails surrounding the lake where you can enjoy long walks with your family. Kids can look at the local birds, trees, and wildlife at this gorgeous spot. There are picnic tables and benches so you can pack a fun lunch with attractive snacks and food items for kids. Another family-friendly attraction is Bald Mountain. Here, you can walk many stroller-friendly trails with younger kids. While older kids can enjoy a walk over the easy and moderate trails. The Bald Mountain has a Fire Tower where children can climb and enjoy the view of the surrounding mountains. It is another spot where you can enjoy a picnic with your group.

For the next attraction, we can suggest the gorgeous Height of Land. It is located along the scenic Rangeley Lakes National Scenic Byway. It provides stunning overlook of the White Mountains, Richardson Lake, and Mooselookmeguntic Lake, kids can enjoy the scenic view while knowing about the mountains and lakes. There are many waterfalls in the Rangeley area where both kids and adults can have a great time. At the popular Smalls Falls, you can see waterfalls at varying levels. It creates a breathtaking landscape with cliffs, flowing stream, and small swimming holes. Another famous waterfall is Angel Falls, where you can spend time in the water. It is also a perfect camera-friendly spot so you can capture lots of pictures to mark the memories with your loved ones while visiting Rangeley attractions.

If older kids would like to learn about the history and culture of the Rangeley area, known for its outdoor adventures, you must visit the Outdoor Heritage Museum. It features many exhibits, displays, and artifacts that depict the information about the outdoor activities in the Rangeley area. Children can learn about the history of popular activities like hunting, fishing, camping, boating, and other water activities. It is also a great place to understand about forestry, logging, native trees, wildlife, and birds.

Book a Perfect Accommodation

Explore and prepare your itinerary with the right mix of activities and attractions based on your interests. With plenty of children-friendly attractions available, you can easily plan a fun trip. When you are ready to book accommodations, you can contact us at Morton & Furbish Vacation Rentals. There are many choices of spacious vacation houses with modern amenities, multiple bedrooms, and large living areas. You can select a vacation home with a cabin style layout to spend quiet time in the nature. If you prefer a house close to downtown Rangeley, you can check out options in Rangeley Village. As all our rental houses have plenty of amenities, you can enjoy a comfortable stay like your own house while visiting Rangeley attractions.

Get in touch with us to find the perfect accommodation at the earliest. We cannot wait to welcome you and your group for an unforgettable vacation.