Online Resources for At-Home Entertainment

It’s no secret that the Rangeley Lakes Region in the state of Maine is well-worth visiting any time of year. This scenic destination offers up some of the best hiking, biking and exploring around. With a wealth of wildlife and breathtaking landscapes that call this area home, the greater Rangeley area has long called to visitors from near and far. With 6 large lakes dotting the terrain and a maze of trails beckoning to hikers, the Rangeley Lakes Region is an oasis of fun for those that adore spending time outdoors. While the unprecedented spread of COVID-19 is keeping travelers at home for the moment, there’s no reason you can’t make the most of digital home entertainment options that get you a little bit closer to the beauty of this area and the rest of Maine without health worries involved. Here are a few things to do in Maine during Covid until travel is top of mind once more.

UMaine Virtual Art Tours

The University of Maine has combined the best of virtual travel and creativity by offering insider glimpses of new exhibits at its museum every Friday on a digital platform. Guests are invited to visit the school’s website, Facebook and Instagram pages or YouTube channels on Fridays for a chance to enjoy a virtual browsing of what’s new on the artistic front. Senior Museum Educator Kat Johnson will also be leading online art classes from time to time for those that are interested in an interactive escape from any quarantine blues.

Maine Community Connections

While staying apart is vital during this time of social distancing, that doesn’t mean Maine residents can’t find ways to be together. Visit the Maine Community Connections page and discover a long list of groups that are meeting virtually nearly every day of the week to encourage and support one another through this challenging time. From discussion forums to opportunities to set up phone calls with those having similar experiences, this page is dedicated to making sure everyone stays well-connected during a time where distance is a priority.

Google Earth

You might have used this Google feature for fun in the past, but in the current state of things, Google Earth is an amazing tool for getting to see the best of Maine’s state and national parks from afar. This virtual resource uses satellite imaging to put you up close with some of the state’s most spectacular scenery without ever leaving the comfort of home. Let your imagination wander as you make your way along trails and around lakes that are sure to inspire, even from your desktop. It’s never too early to be planning that post-COVID-19 trip, so let your virtual travels through places like Acadia National Park fuel that motivation for future travel to Maine!

Digital Maine Library

Residents of Maine or those who hold a library card issued from Maine don’t have to fall behind on their reading or research while trying to stay safe and healthy. The Digital Maine Library is free and available online to all those with a library card number. Here, amazing resources can be accessed from a distance that are beneficial and interesting for everyone from elementary-aged learned through college students and beyond. Keep your mind sharp even in these times where everyday activities are put on pause.


Looking to pick up a new language while travel is on hold? Duolingo is a free and comprehensive app that can be downloaded on a desktop computer or mobile phone and helps individuals learn a second language with ease! This fun and interactive app is a great way to pass the time in a productive way and provides users with options to learn everything from Spanish and French to Japanese or Arabic and beyond. Lessons are designed to be accomplished quickly, making learning efficient and fun and never stressful. Practice at home and by the time the world has left lock down behind, you’ll be speaking fluently!

CampusReel Tours

Spring is generally the season when high school students begin thinking forward and visiting college campuses in the name of higher education goals. Unfortunately, many campuses are shut down, including those across Maine, making it impossible for families to plan these trips. Fortunately, that doesn’t mean you have to put your tour on hold entirely. CampusReel is an online platform that allows you to virtually tour campuses across Maine and the globe at the touch of a button. Whether you’ve got college in mind or are simply interested in what a specific campus might be like, taking a virtual tour is well worth your time.

We Can’t Wait to Welcome You Back!

At Morton and Furbish Vacation Rentals, we’ve long been committed to providing our guests with a one of a kind stay in the Rangeley Lakes Region. While travel is on pause for now, we have no doubt that soon enough, visitors will be flocking to Maine once more and when you do, our inviting rentals will be waiting to welcome you back to your home away from home. Feel free to reach out to us in the meantime with questions and inquiries concerning your future travel plans to Maine.