How to Plan a Fun and Refreshing Corporate Retreat to Rangeley

Much in the same way that planning a great vacation has the potential to rejuvenate and refresh a traveler, and making time for a getaway from the daily routine promises to restore creativity and perspective, planning a meaningful corporate retreat for employees has the power to be a fun and refreshing step forward in the life of a professional team. Whether your employees have been out of the office for the past few months in the name of an ever-changing social scene, or you’re simply thinking future-forward and trying to find ways to bring professionals together in a setting that’s far from the office, a corporate retreat is a good idea. Planning a corporate retreat has long been proven to be an effective and ultimately, exciting option for getting out of all that’s stagnant and mixing things up in the name of team bonding and potentially professional progress as well!

When it’s time to start planning, perhaps the most important initial decision comes down to the destination. Getting employees out of the office should begin with booking a getaway that takes them somewhere new, exciting, and with plenty of options for scenery and fun in between. If you’re considering a corporate retreat that focuses on what nature can teach while sprinkling in team-building activities and outdoor adventure too, look no further than scenic Rangeley, Maine as the ideal corporate retreat location for your company.

Plan a Corporate Retreat with a Focus on People-First Fun

The long-term goal of a corporate retreat is for employees to walk away feeling inspired to complete innovative projects and perhaps start working on new initiatives entirely. However, before that happens, it’s imperative that a corporate retreat focuses on creating a space and time where employees can relax, bond with colleagues, and make progress in the way of meaningful conversations. Once employees feel comfortable with one another, they’re more likely to get on board with the professional concepts, projects, and assignments a company is looking to achieve. All of these important factors, in combination with the many activities waiting to be enjoyed, make Rangeley an ideal destination for a corporate retreat.

Activities in Rangeley to Enjoy as a Team

It’s highly important to regularly recognize employees for their fantastic work, but it often comes as an eye-opening revelation to many employers that time set aside for employees to truly get to know one another’s personalities and strengths can be just as rewarding and important of an experience within work life. A great route to allowing this to happen is to plan a corporate retreat packed with fun activities to enjoy. The great benefit of planning your corporate retreat in Rangeley is that you don’t have to look far to find something wonderful for everyone to do. During your retreat, consider planning a group hike to nearby Smalls Falls. The trek itself will be a great time for everyone to come together while this cascade offers up options for a picnic and plenty of time for nature-spotting as well once you reach your final destination.

Smalls Falls is a fun stop to visit in the spring when the snow melt gives the cascade an extra push of power, but if your trip happens in the summer, this area is in bloom with lush foliage and fantastic flowers too. The Rangeley area is known and loved for its many lakes and a corporate retreat this direction isn’t complete without time set aside to paddle your way to corporate bonding. Consider taking to the waves by kayak, canoe or pontoon when you’re looking to bring employees together in the name of fun. If your trip happens to occur in the fall, incorporating a fall foliage hunt into the agenda promises to be an inspiring choice. No matter what season you arrive, a corporate retreat with time to explore Height of Land combines the best of fantastic views of the terrain combined with informational guides to bring the educational edge to the experience.

Clean & Welcoming Accommodations

Just as important as the activities employees enjoy during a corporate retreat is booking accommodations that are spacious, clean, and welcoming. The team at Morton&Furbish Vacation Rentals is happy to offer up a portfolio of properties to visiting professional teams that are making the most of the area in the name of a corporate retreat. Whether companies are looking for individual rentals that are near one another or a large single property that’s spacious and stylish enough to accommodate everyone, our options are sure to have what you’ve been searching for. Complete with the modern conveniences guests crave paired with those rustic-chic Rangeley details that bring this charming area to life, guests will find that our corporate rentals have a way of bringing you back to Maine’s lake region time and again. Contact Morton & Furbish Vacation Rentals today to learn more about our options for your next corporate retreat.