Labor Day Vacation Ideas At Rangeley Lake, Maine

Letting go of stress and looking forward to Labor Day celebrations is a well-deserved moment on everyone’s calendar each year. In 2020, it’s very possible there might just be a bit more reason to unwind and relax, and when you’re looking for a place to savor time away from the grind that comes with plenty of scenery, consider making your way to Rangeley, Maine. This delightful destination in the heart of the state is comprised of six sensational major lakes woven together by a collection of ponds and rivers that provide a rich landscape for wildlife and lush foliage to thrive. Whether you come to savor the sights or can’t wait to jump in and be a part of it, we hope our list of best Labor Day vacation ideas will convince you to visit Rangeley, Maine.

Take a Hike

The combination of mountain peaks and lush forests that are native to western Maine make the Rangeley and surrounding areas a prime place for those that love to hit the trails and make their way through nature in off-the-beaten-path style. For those that are looking for a great route to begin their adventures, keep Bald Mountain Trail near the top of your must-try list. The trailhead to Bald Mountain Trail is located off of Route 4 just a little less than a mile south of Oquossoc. From here, hikers can enjoy a leisurely trek nearly 2 miles in length to the summit where stunning views await. Many families set their sights on this trail in particular because it’s great for all ages and skill levels and also offers up plenty of stopping spots to enjoy a picnic together when hiking leads to an appetite.

Rent a Boat for the Day

While the land-based activities in Rangeley are sure to inspire, there’s something special about spending time on the water in this area where lakes take center stage. With so many to choose from, it can be hard to know where to start but those that find themselves staying in Rangeley will find all the thrills they’re looking for at Rangeley Lake itself. When you’re looking to savor the scenery, spend a day on the open water and enjoy every moment of tranquility that awaits, Rangeley Lake is the place to be. Saddleback Marina in particular provides an easy and beautiful place to utilize the boat launch and the staff at this destination are known for their friendly demeanor and helpful advice when it comes to a day of fun on the waves.

Go Fishing

A trip to Rangeley is a dream come true for the angler that finds their Zen on the water, casting a line and waiting for the next big bite. The diverse lineup of waterways that run through this area provides just as much diversity in the way of fish species. Similarly, the sheer amount of choice when it comes to fishing spots makes this activity the perfect one whether you’re looking to enjoy some company or can’t wait to head out solo and simply connect with nature. For those that are looking for time alone on the waves, while still staying within proximity to land-based fun will find Cupsuptic Lake Park and Campgrounds to be the ideal fishing spot on a sunny Labor Day afternoon. Situated at 960 Wilson Mills Road in Rangeley, Cupsuptic Lake Park is home to everything from Brook and Brown trout to Yellow Perch.

Do Yoga in the Great Outdoors

Labor Day is a chance to step far away from the normal daily routine, and sometimes there’s no better way to do that than participating in a quality yoga session with a focus on recentering. The beauty of a trip to Rangeley often lies in the fact that visitors are essentially surrounded by some of nature’s finest work and when you’re ready to restore the body and mind, taking a yoga practice outside is a simple, yet effective route to making it a successful Labor Day away. While experienced Yogis will find it easy to step outside the front door of their vacation rental and make the most of a quiet, healthy moment, those that need a bit more guidance will want to connect with the team at Rangeley Region Health and Wellness Partnership. Headquartered at 25 Dallas Hill Road, this group is dedicated to promoting healthy practices throughout the Rangeley Lakes Region and would be able to offer insight as to how to book a private yoga session with a certified instructor as well as offer up a calendar of events that might be on the books for the remainder of the year.

Set Your Sights on Rangeley

There’s no reason not to indulge those travel urges when Labor Day rolls around and you’ve got Rangeley, Maine in your sights. When you’re here, be sure to let the team at Morton & Furbish Vacation Rentals handle your accommodation details so you can focus on the restorative fun. Contact us today to learn more and to begin planning your Labor Day adventure!