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Smalls Falls in Rangeley

The easiest accessed and most known waterfall, this is a designated state rest area. There are open and covered picnic tables, grills, relatively nice outhouses, and ample parking. It’s a busy (…in Rangeley terms) and popular spot on a warm summer’s day so plan for that. A stairway leads you down to a bridge that crosses the stream and offers a very picturesque view of the falls. That’s lovely, of course….but there’s so much more to explore! Quiet pools are available for wading and swimming and, of course, you’ll probably see the ‘wild and crazies’ jumping from the high cliffs into the rivers below. Once you cross the bridge, hard to the right is a trail along the fence that will lead you to the top of the falls; be sure to do that. But, for a long and very fun explore that will get you over to another set of cascades, gorges, and smaller falls, go slightly right and straight across from the bridge until you find a bit of a trail that keeps taking you right. Just remember, this is nature – not a designed playground and use caution.

Directions: Route 4 South, about 12 miles outside the village of Rangeley, after a long downhill, you’ll see the State Rest Area sign for Smalls Falls on the right. Follow driveway to the parking area
close to the stairway.