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(RLHT) Really close to the Rangeley village, this little gem is such a treat. It’s a wonderful ‘scramble explore’ through the woods and up the length of the stream, gorgeous cascades/falls, and often the feeling of having the place all to yourself. Again, this is nature and not a playground. Be advised there are very steep, high drop-offs, no fencing, slippery slopes, strong currents, and slick rocks when wet. We don’t want to discourage you from this
wonderful outing, just know that it’s more appropriate for older, obedient children. Sturdy shoes a must. This area is a real thrill and if you love exploring waterfalls, you’re going to really like this.

Directions: Route 4 South, about 4 miles outside of the village of Rangeley, you’ll see a Cascade Stream Gorge sign on the right-pointing you to a road on the left that parallels Route 4. Just a bit down this road, you’ll see an RLHT sign on the left for parking. Follow the steep gravel drive up to the parking at the trailhead. Enter trail through the woods to the stream, follow up the stream approximately 1.5 miles.