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Off the Beaten Path Attractions in Rangeley

Planning a trip has its own unique charm. You get an opportunity to check out the different attractions before chalking out the final plan in great detail. It is necessary to check out different aspects like local transportation, accommodation, food options, weather, and the major tourist attractions so you can have all the minor details in place. Though it is fun to visit popular tourist attractions, you can check out places that are away from the typical radar of tourists. Exploring a new area as a local can take you to off the beaten path attractions. If you are excited to choose a fun destination that has lots of activities at all times of the year, you can check out the gorgeous Rangeley, Maine. Read on to learn about some of the off the beaten path Rangeley attractions!

Rangeley Attractions At The Desert of Maine at Newport

A vast stretch of barren land may sound like a bizarre concept in Maine but that is what you can check out at this unique spot. Once a vast farm owned by the Tuttle family, the over-grazed and barren farmland is now visited by locals as a unique desert in the state. You can take photographs next to the giant camel statue.

Doc Grant’s Restaurant Sign

This signboard signifies that Rangeley is situated exactly halfway between the equator and North Pole. If you travel 3107 miles to the north, you will reach the north pole, while a 3107-mile trip to the south will take you to the equator.

Take a Moose Safari

Though you can spot moose all over the area when looking for attractions in Rangeley, you can enjoy a moose safari with the Lone Wolf guiding services at Shirley Mills.

Visit the Kennebago Lake

As the Rangeley area is popular for a variety of lakes, you can extend the fun by visiting some quiet and large pristine lakes away from the typical tourist crowd. Kennebago Lake is popular for activities like boating and kayaking where you can see moose and many varieties of birds.

Rangeley Lake Guide Service

You can take advantage of the Rangeley Lake Guide Service for guided fishing tours on Rangeley Lake. Admire the local wildlife and scenery with fishing instructions offered by experts. You can catch local varieties such as salmon and black trout.

Selecting the Right Accommodation

Besides finalizing the itinerary, you must also book an accommodation that is convenient for everyone in your traveling party. Rather than opting for separate hotel rooms without any scope for socializing, you can pick a spacious rental house with multiple bedrooms and bathrooms. A rental home can easily accommodate both small and large groups and also offer plenty of convenient amenities. You can feel at home without worrying about your daily conveniences.

The place where you stay during your trip can influence the overall experience. If you stay at a perfect style of accommodation convenient for everyone in the group, you can make the most of your trip. At Morton & Furbish Vacation Rentals, we can offer a wide range of accommodation choices with convenient amenities and facilities. You can check out lakefront rentals with a private access to the lake. If you would like to stay in the middle of all the action for easy access to restaurants, cafes, shops, and bars, you can select a vacation home in downtown Rangeley. There are many advantages of picking a vacation rental over traditional hotel rooms. You can take advantage of separate areas for sleeping, living, cooking, and dining. It can be as comfortable as your own home so you can concentrate solely on having lots of fun.

No matter what house you choose, you can expect convenience at its best. The spacious open floor concepts can allow you to socialize with your group. The multiple bedrooms and bathrooms can offer privacy. Some of the amenities include high-speed internet access, in-unit washers and dryers, central air-conditioning and heating, and fully functional kitchens.

When you are ready to explore off the beaten path attractions in Rangeley, as well as the most popular spots in the Rangeley area, you can book an accommodation with us at Morton & Furbish Vacation Rentals. Our team can help you with finding the right style of vacation rental for a memorable trip amidst the mountains and lakes.