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(Hiking the AT and bagging a 4,000 footer) Start at the parking lot 9 miles south on Route 4 (described in the Piazza Rock info. below). Follow the well-marked 5.2-mile section of the Appalachian Trail that leads to the summit of Saddleback Mountain. You’ll have an enjoyable walk passing Piazza Rock, Ethel Pond, Eddy Pond, and then, after this, you’ll start “earning your biscuit” as the work begins with a steep hike up to the tree line. Use caution, especially during wet times of the year, as the trail traverses glacially smoothed bedrock. Watch for the rock “cairns” and take care to protect the fragile alpine environment by staying on the marked trail. Exceptional views of the surrounding fellow 4,000’ mountains of the region, its water bodies, and, on a very clear day, Katahdin Mountain to the north and Mount Washington to the south, await you at the 4,120’ summit of Saddleback Mountain. You can just turn around and follow the trail back to your car, or hike down to the Saddleback base lodge and arrange a pick-up there.