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(T.R.A.C.) Finding the trailhead is one of the challenging aspects of this hike! You’ll be well rewarded when you do! The red-blazed trail climbs gently at first through the forest with possible wet and muddy sections. It’s easy to follow the blazes, but in the beginning, watch more closely. The trail becomes easily evident the further you go up. About halfway up, the trail becomes much steeper and completely rocky, which can be slippery when wet. You’re in thick woods through most of the hike, but boy, oh boy, – when you come to the summit, you’ll be so happy with your efforts. The view is spectacular and showcases the Richardson Lakes and points west of the Rangeley Lakes Region. Such a breathtaking, unique view and you’ve earned it. You’ll enjoy the information up there, too, about the former fire tower.

About the Mountain:

Aziscohos Mountain stands at 3215 feet tall. It is one of the favorite spots for hiking in the Rangeley area. It has been popular since the 1800s and draws visitors from far and wide, as it offers scenic views of surrounding lakes, mountains, and trees. If you visit during the fall season, you can capture incredible photographs of the changing fall foliage. The trail spans over a distance of 1.6 miles one way. The start of the trail is moderate for up to a distance of 1.1 miles. You can enjoy the moderate level trail while admiring the surrounding scenic vistas. The last 0.4 miles goes over a rocky patch. The end portion of the trail is steep and difficult, but it ends at a breathtaking spot where you can see the surrounding landscape. To reach the summit, you have to walk for 0.1 miles. The 360-degree view of the mountains and valleys at the end summit point is totally worth it, as you get the opportunity to see an amazing sight as the final reward.

After the hike, you can head to any of the gourmet restaurants or food joints in the Rangeley area for a well-deserved treat. There are also many more tourist attractions in the area. There are many lakes, waterfalls, and mountains in the surrounding areas. If you visit during spring, summer or fall, you can enjoy activities like swimming, kayaking, boating, fishing, hiking, photography, wildlife, and bird watching. You can spend some quality time in nature while visiting a few gorgeous waterfalls in the area. Small Falls, Angel Falls, and the Cascade Stream Gorge Trail are some wonderful waterfalls where you can hike with your group and also enjoy a picnic at the end.

Directions: Take Route 16 out of Oquossoc towards NH for approximately 17.7 miles. (If you get to the dam, you’ve gone too far – we always do!) Sometimes there’s a sign-up, sometimes it’s down. Sometimes, there’s orange tape on a telephone pole, too. If you’re lucky, there’s a car already parked on the side of the road near the trailhead! The trail is not readily visible from the road, though once you get on the trail, it’s not as hard to follow it as it is to find it! You need to find the narrow path through a screen of spruce that puts you on the trail. Hope these directions help limit the search!! You’ll love this hike!

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