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Escape from the City to Rangeley Nature

Making the most of a trip that comes complete with peace, quiet and the option to reconnect with nature begins with booking a trip to Rangeley, Maine. This lake-dotted region welcomes guests to come and enjoy a spectacular landscape complete with mountains, trails and tantalizing vantage points over the watery horizon. Whether you’re a visitor that can’t wait to get on the water, has a heart for hiking or simply enjoying exploring scenic surroundings, Rangeley is a place that promises to deliver it up in an unforgettable way. Savor every moment by taking time to unwind in places that are not only inviting, but deliciously immersed in nature.

Things to Do in the Great Outdoors of Maine Nature

The greater Rangeley Lakes Region consists of six large lakes to enjoy, meaning there are plenty of options for those that crave time away on the water. Head over to Mooselookmeguntic Lake and enjoy not only its fun name, but the mountain surrounded scenery that’s waiting to greet you with its stunning vistas of Maine nature. Taking a kayak or canoe out on these waters is a wonderful experience as the lake links up with both the Cupsuptic River and the Androscoggin River watershed. If you’re a bird spotter that can’t wait to grab the binoculars and get outdoors, a stroll through the Hunter Cove Wildlife Sanctuary is a place that should top your list of must-see destinations while you’re here.

There are many hiking trails where you can explore the beauty of the surrounding landscape. One such scenic spot lies along the Rangeley Lakes National Scenic Byway. Known as Height of Land, this elevated spot has a unique charm. You can see the surrounding mountains, valleys, forests around Rangeley. Head over to enjoy the sound of flowing water and mighty waterfalls at Angel Falls, Small Falls, or the Cascade Stream Gorge Trail. If you are looking for a spot where you can enjoy a picnic with your family and friends, you can visit the popular Rangeley Lake State Park. This spot is perfect for activities such as kayaking, swimming, boating, paddle boating, and hiking.

Hikes to Explore

The area surrounding Rangeley Lake, in particular, is an oasis of potential for those that love to hike. If you’re looking for a relatively easy trek that takes you out around 2.5 miles of Rangeley nature, set aside an hour or two to hike Bald Mountain Trail while you’re in town. Lake and mountain views are yours for the enjoying when you settle on this path. Those looking for a more challenging route that can transition into a day-trip will want to set their sights on the scenic Saddleback Mountain Horn route that’s accessed by a link with the iconic Appalachian Trail. This path proves to be a true effort with plenty of scenic rewards and offers up a 6.5-mile route that can be completed in approximately 4.5 to 5 hours of time. Those who are focused on enjoying cascades will want to trek their way through Rangeley Lake State Park for opportunities to encounter the Cascade Stream Gorge.

Check out some excellent spots for hiking where you can admire the surrounding vista. The popular Bald Mountain is one such famous destination that draws enthusiastic hikers from all over the region. After hiking over the trails, you are greeted by some stunning views. You cannot miss the gorgeous landscape at Baldgate, situated at 3812 feet. It is a pet-friendly trail for an enjoyable experience. While capturing photographs from the scenic viewpoints, you cannot miss the gorgeous clear lakes in the background. Visit one of the largest lakes in Maine, Mooselookmeguntic. Here, you can enjoy kayaking, hiking, boating, camping, and fishing. There are many scenic routes in the area where you can enjoy a gorgeous view. Driving with family and friends is fun as you explore the surrounding areas. It is particularly beautiful during fall season when you can admire the changing colors of the fall foliage.

Book Your Getaway to Maine

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