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The magical time of Christmas needs no introduction. As one of the most-awaited occasions of the year, Christmas is truly special for each and every one. From the aroma of delicious home-baked cookies to glittering lights and decorations on Christmas trees and beautifully wrapped gift boxes to the joy of family traditions, there is so much to do and enjoy during this joyous time of the year. It is also the perfect time to come together with your loved ones while creating incredible memories for a lifetime.  

A special winter destination that has plenty of activities for all age groups can turn into the right location for such kind of holiday. If you are eager to participate in snow-based adventures during the day, while enjoying the Christmas lights, gourmet food, and warm beverages after the sun goes down, you can visit the beautiful and pristine Rangeley. Located in Maine, this northeastern region transforms into a winter wonderland covered with a thick blanket of snow. You can participate in all types of snow adventures such as snowmobiling, snow tubing, skiing, cross-country skiing, ice skating, and much more. This family-friendly destination has activities for both kids and adults, including ice skating, snow tubing, and sledding. Read on to see what awaits you on a Christmas journey to Rangeley! 

A Memorable Christmas Journey to Rangeley 

If you are eager to try something different this year, you can definitely plan a trip to the scenic Rangeley area. It is one of the best family-friendly destinations with plenty of exciting activities during Christmas. You can adore the beautifully lit streets and admire the Christmas decorations all over the area. Do not miss the opportunity to meet Santa Claus, where kids can capture photographs and enjoy a unique experience at a new location. You can also find many special holiday events involving great food, drinks, games, dances, and lots of fun activities. If last-minute shopping is the norm for you, you won’t need to worry. The downtown Rangeley area has multiple locally owned and operated stores where you can buy lots of exciting gifts for your loved ones. Rangeley also has more than 150 well-groomed trails where you can enjoy snowmobiling with your group. Home to the Rangeley Lakes Trails Center, you can expect a network of connected and maintained trails for all types of snow adventures. Saddleback Mountain is a popular destination for skiing and snowmobiling. As the region has many lakes and ponds, the frozen landscape turns into a nature rink for ice skating and snowshoeing.  

As Rangeley is blessed with incredible natural beauty, you can visit the Height of Land to adore the picturesque landscape from an elevated height. Snowshoeing is one of the best ways to explore the area during Christmas. You can rent gear from any of the rental shops on Main Street and start a fun adventure with your group. When in town, you can attend the annual event known as The Annual Walk to Bethelem, where local residents dress as different characters in the Christmas story. Kids and adults can walk along the beautiful Main Street where the shops, restaurants, cafes, and bars are decorated with lights, holiday special decorations, exhibits, and colorful displays. This long stretch of road does not have a stop sign or traffic light and can be explored on foot, allowing you to enjoy the charm of a small, picturesque town. Main Street is lined by several art galleries, eateries, a lakeside theatre, and much more. 

After spending time outside, you can take the fun indoors at Moose Alley, which has bowling lanes, arcade games, and plenty of gourmet food options. A family holiday and great food go hand-in-hand. You will find many exciting restaurants in the Rangeley area that also offer a special menu for kids. One of the popular spots enjoyed by locals and visitors is the Parkside & Main restaurant, known for its wide range of food and drinks. The Shed and Red Onion are great places to relish some delicious pizzas.  

Stay in Style 

You can easily look forward to enjoying an exciting Christmas trip in the Rangeley area. But traveling for the holiday does not mean you have to skip your traditions. By choosing an accommodation that feels as comfortable as your own home, you can celebrate the holidays just like you do every year. At Morton & Furbish Vacation Rentals, we can offer fully furnished and convenient holiday homes. You can choose a home with multiple bedrooms and bathrooms suitable for both small and large groups. As the house has an open floor design, it allows a flawless flow between the different areas. What’s more, you can easily prepare a holiday meal as the house comes with a functional kitchen. Here, you can find cutlery, cookware, utensils, cabinets, and plenty of appliances, making it easy for your meal preparation. 

A dream Christmas holiday is just a few steps away. Contact us to get started. Our team can suggest convenient vacation rentals for your upcoming stay!