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Enjoy Working Remotely While On Vacation In Beautiful Rangeley, Maine

When it comes to work-life, many employees find a certain amount of comfort in routine. Knowing what it is your working for, where you’re working, and how you’re going to set about achieving professional goals can be an empowering feeling. Subsequently, when things change suddenly, stress and uncertainty are often the only certain things that follow in its wake. In 2020, a vast number of employees across the map faced a jarring turn of events with the arrival of COVID-19.

As the global pandemic unfolded, so did the traditional workplace and corresponding expectations for so many people. As it became a clear and present risk to head to the office each and every day, employers began transitioning employees into remote work environments, often with little notice available.

Depending on life circumstances, this proved to be drastically different for just about everyone involved. The challenges of turning a home into a makeshift office, while incorporating homeschooling schedules and keeping everyone in a household on task, entertained and of course, healthy too quickly proved to be more than perhaps anyone bargained for.

While these many changes in what the workplace looks like brought a certain amount of upheaval, they also brought with them an opportunity to take on something exciting and new. As the workplace becomes a remote office, so does the flexibility of the workplace itself!

Instead of stressing over lost vacation plans and the quiet routine of an unassuming office, perhaps its time to gain a new perspective and realize that the best of travel and remote work can, in fact, be combined into one! Working remotely while on vacation can be a dream come true at Rangeley Lake!

At Morton & Furbish Vacation Rentals, we’ve long been committed to providing visitors to the Rangeley, Maine region with one of a kind adventures that highlight the best of comfort, style and the scenic great outdoors.

In 2020, we believe that a trip this way might be just what the newly remote employee needs to find a sense of inspiration and balance once more. Once you realize that it’s possible these days to take your work on the road, the possibilities open up once again.

Make the Most of a Maine Destination

Whether it’s a cozy cabin on the water or a sprawling residence for you and your family that would put your mind at ease, our collection of Rangeley vacation rentals are a great place to start when pairing your getaway experience with work this year. Make the transition between your workday and fun easier than ever by booking into one of our well-equipped and inviting vacation rentals that keeps you close to destinations you’re excited to explore as well.

Complete with inspiring views of nature, our rentals keep technology and connection top of mind too. Guests will find that access to Wi-Fi and high-speed services makes it easy to keep in touch with colleagues and put those final points on assignments with ease. Needing to video conference with the team? Stream your Zoom call on a large flat-screen television before settling in for the evening in front of a warm fireplace or heading out for an evening paddle on the lake. Furnishings in our rentals provide for a comfortable and welcoming ambiance while our properties are spacious enough to separate work and life moments as needed.

Delight in the Details

From warm cottages to inviting homes, our collection of rentals in Rangeley is sure to inspire the remote worker to be efficient before rewarding themselves with time out in nature. When it comes to the extras that would make your stay complete, be sure to inquire about our pet-friendly rentals that guarantee you, your crew and your four-legged friend are all comfortable from the moment you arrive. When it comes to special requests, we can handle that too. Make the most of your work and play retreat by booking a stay that includes a large yard, beautiful waterfront views, multi-level designs, or an interior aesthetic inspired by rustic-chic appeal.

Explore Rangeley

When you close the laptop for the day, a stay in Rangeley provides a long list of rewards for visitors who have a heart for the great outdoors. Keep far from the crowds while savoring the scenery by making time to get out on the lakes by kayak, make time for moose spotting or lacing up the boots and hitting the hiking trails that maze through the region in abundance.

Elevate 2020

This year brought its fair share of unexpected moments, but it also has the potential to become something more than what it’s offered up. When you’re ready to take your work on the road and enjoy the best of a Maine getaway too, be sure to reach out to our team to learn more about our collection of rentals and to begin planning. We can’t wait to welcome you to Maine and a new and exciting sense of normal!