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What to Pack for Your Winter Vacation in Maine

Making your way to Maine when the snow begins to fall is a thrill, particularly if you have your sights set on the Rangeley Lake region of the state. While this area is an oasis of potential for on-the-water fun in the summer, when winter rolls around, the options for outdoor adventure continue in a chillier, yet just as thrilling capacity!

Making the most of the winter outdoor activities in Maine is sure to be exciting, but the experience is elevated when you have the right gear packed for the adventure. No matter where your winter adventures take you, having the following equipment and apparel packed is sure to keep you warm and enjoying your winter vacation in Maine even more!

Pack for Downhill Ski Adventures at Saddleback

The slopes of Saddleback Mountain beckon to those downhill enthusiasts who find themselves near Rangeley in the winter. Holding the title as the third largest ski resort in the state, Saddleback is well worth checking out while you’re in town and definitely worth being prepared to enjoy. When you’re packing for the slopeside fun and plan on bringing your own skis or snowboards, be sure to invest in a wheeled ski bag. Not only will this help you maneuver equipment safely through airports but it can make storing gear in your rental easier once you arrive as well. Ski apparel should always be moisture-wicking and waterproof to create for a comfortable and warm ski experience no matter how far temperatures drop. Pair a thick base layer with a waterproof ski jacket and don’t forget a neck gaiter for snow that kicks up during downhill fun. Snow goggles are important for protecting your eyes from the elements while skiing while waterproof gloves and ski pants are a must! If you’re going to be carrying a slope map or other documents with you, consider investing in a waterproof pack or pouch that you can place underneath your ski jacket for safe-keeping.

Be Prepared for Winter Hiking

The trails that make Rangeley so appealing to outdoor adventurers in the summer are still open for business in the winter, so making sure to pack some heavy-duty hiking boots is essential for those winter travelers headed this direction. On top of heavy and moisture-wicking layers, winter hikers in Maine will want to be sure to include traction aids for their shoes on their to-pack list as well as insulated water bottles to keep hydration essentials from freezing up during the journey. A personal first-aid kit, map, and compass should all be handy as well for those looking forward to hitting the snow-covered trails.

Try Ice Skating and Have Your Gear Ready to Go

The many ponds, rivers, and lakes that make Maine so appealing year-round freeze up nicely in the winter months and provide cold-weather guests with plenty of options for ice skating fun! Whether you’ve been ice skating for years or are willing to give it a try for the first time, Maine is an amazing place to glide your way to adventure. When you’re excited to enjoy time on the ice, packing ice skates should definitely be part of your plan. In addition to ice skates, you’ll want to be sure to pack ultra-padded gloves, especially if you’re new to the sport. Falls are to be expected and well-cushioned gloves can save hands from bumps and bruises along the way.

Enjoy Snowshoeing

For a more unique take on winter activities in Maine, snowshoeing is always an option! When packing for this one of a kind activity, be sure to include trekking poles, insulated socks, ski gloves, and a warm hat in your suitcase. A waterproof area map and GPS can be helpful as well when you’re unfamiliar with the trails you’ll be exploring.

Prepare for Snowmobiling Fun

There’s nothing more adrenaline-inducing to enjoy during your Maine winter getaway than time spent snowmobiling. Trails maze their way through this state where enthusiasts will find routes of varying degrees of difficulty all well-maintained. Packing a durable helmet is essential for this high-speed activity and should be paired with a full set of waterproof gear as well as high-quality snow goggles. A first-aid kit should be readily available in case of unexpected situations on the trails.

General Extras to Pack

While each outdoor winter activity comes with specific items that make for a comfortable and enjoyable experience, there are some extras that can be included with any of the adventures listed above! Consider packing plenty of layers for all scenarios. Being able to adjust to accommodate the weather and temperature by removing or adding a layer provides peace of mind whether you’re on the slopes or trails. Similarly, packing a set of hand and foot warmer inserts is a good way to make sure you stay toasty outdoors no matter how cold it gets.

Enjoy the Winter Journey

Take time to enjoy the best of Maine and when you find yourself in the Rangeley Lakes region, the team at Morton & Furbish Vacation Rentals is here to make sure you have the home away from home that keeps you cozy and close to the fun! Contact us today to learn more and to begin planning.