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Are you looking to spend a relaxing and stress-free holiday away from the bustling city life? If so, Maine is the place for you! We know that it can be hard to find a spacious and modern property that is big enough for you and all your friends, but still be cozy at the same time. That is where we come in handy! 

Morton and Furbish Vacation Rentals offers large and luxurious log cabins in Maine that offer the cozy vibe of a log cabin, with the modern amenities of a new condo. We know that staying in a hotel and hostel can sometimes be fast to book online, but you are often separated from your group and lack amenities that you find in nice homes and houses. That is why we think the Pine Valley home in a tucked away location is a peaceful and relaxing spot for you and your friends or family to stay in this upcoming holiday season.  

Property Walkthrough: Pine Valley

Not only will you have ample interior space in this wooden and cozy cabin for you and your friends, but you can head outside and toss the ball to your dog in the front yard, go for a hike with your kids, or just sit outside and enjoy the fresh breeze on your face. The front deck is also a great spot to sit outside with a glass of wine and watch the sun go down after a long day of exploring, whitewater rafting, canoeing, and other outdoor activities.  

Cozy Interior Space

As soon as you step foot into the home, you may never want to leave! The living room is a large and cozy space that offers wooden flooring, wooden walls, and plush furniture. The living room also has a trundle bed with two twin beds that we think are great for teenagers, kids, or solo travelers.  

If you want to wind down after a long day of traveling and exploring the nearby woods, then just flick on the DirecTV to watch your favorite show, open up one of the complimentary books to broaden your knowledge, or bring out a board game to play with your family. 

Sleeping Spaces

Are you tired after a long day of hiking, biking, or shopping in the nearby towns? We don’t blame you! This fun and exciting area is great for relaxing, but also for pushing yourself to the limit with outdoor sports. In that case, it might be time to hit the hay early. Head to one of the two bedrooms to curl up in the cozy bedding and get a full 8 hours of sleep.  

The first bedroom has a large queen bed with plush bedding that is great for chilling out and curling up under the covers. Even the second bedroom offers ample sleeping space that is ideal for relaxing, having sweet dreams, and planning your next day.  

Kitchen and Dining

We offer plenty of dining areas that are great for you and your guests to chill out, relax, have a few snacks, and drink with one another. The two chairs on the back deck area are great for a happy hour drink as the sun goes down through the pine trees. The dining room table is the perfect spot to have a family meal or a romantic dinner with your loved one as you chat about your day. You can also sit on the front deck and peer out at the incredible nature as you have a casual lunch or a filling breakfast before you start your day.  


Our rental also has amazing amenities that you won’t find in other bland hotels, busy hostels, or crowded Airbnb homes! Our beautiful house offers a back deck area that we love for happy hour and spending time with our loved ones as the sun goes down in the evening.  

You can also make full use of the fast WiFi, which is great for taking a conference call, working on your laptop, or fielding a Zoom meeting as you are on vacation. Other amenities that we love to use during our stay here is the fire pit to make s’mores and cozy up under the blustery and windy winter night. You can even use our private garage area if you have a rental car, so you can rest assured no weather or animal will scratch or harm your vehicle!  

Doesn’t this sound like the ideal spot for you to chill out, relax, and become one with nature? We think so too! If the city is looking a little too busy right now, we don’t blame you. Instead of fighting for a crowded hotel room, check out our Pine Valley house on a little dirt road close to downtown Oquossoc. We love this charming and idyllic property for groups of up to 4 people.  Contact us to book your stay today!

Are you in the mood to go to a remote cabin and truly decompress from the stresses of your daily life? We don’t blame you! We know that your social life, school, or work can be too time-consuming and demanding every single day. At times, I just want to get away and have a solo trip by myself that offers proximity to beautiful nature, a relaxing atmosphere, and a comfortable accommodation option that is ideal for you and a few of your best friends.  

Check out Idlewood Cabin #3, a spacious and comfortable cabin that offers tons of room for you and 4 other people to comfortably sleep, spend time with one another, play board games, and explore the local area. This bright red cabin looks like the traditional cabin that you may see in movies, offering outdoor space, a bright red exterior, modern amenities, and comfortable furnishings that are great for relaxing, decompressing, and spending quality time with one another.  

Property Walkthrough: Idlewood Cabin #3

One of the main draws of this property is the interior space. The wooden ceilings, wooden walls, and laid-back vibe offer the perfect relaxing atmosphere that you’re looking for when it comes to spending time with one another and bonding over a board game, reading a book, or sharing stories. Sit on one of the cozy chairs or couches to prop your feet up after a long hike and chat with your mates.  

You can also turn on the TV and watch a movie or your favorite show to decompress after a long travel day. We love the kitschy vibe of the cabin that is truly reminiscent of a typical log cabin, providing the perfect peaceful atmosphere you want on a getaway!  

Plus, the interior style and the ladder leading up to the bedroom are a fun and cool architectural design that you won’t find in other cabins or accommodation options in the nearby area. The wooden ladder up to the second bedroom makes the most use of the cabin without intruding into the common space.  

Dining Room

The dining room table is ideally situated right in the middle of the living room area and the kitchen, providing guests with a convenient spot to sit and have dinner with one another, play board games, work remotely on their laptops, and gaze out of the window. We like sitting at the dining room table to have a happy hour drink with our friends. We also love dating here and playing a game of cards with our friends during a rare rainy day. This dining room table is large enough for you and three other people!  


The older adults, or the couple that books the getaway cabin, can use the master bedroom that is right off the living room. The cute and cozy master bedroom offers a large and plush bed, soft pillows, and light linens that provide guests with ample warmth and comfort during a winter night. Plus, the window in the bedroom can help you naturally wake up to the light streaming in through the window on a hot summer day.  

The younger children, or other couples who are staying in the cabin, can stay in the fun and exciting loft area! We love this loft area that is accessible via the ladder for teenagers or kids who want privacy without being completely separated from the group in the living room. The living room also features a pull-out sofa that you can use for a couple who wants to snuggle with one another and have access to the bathroom and kitchen without intruding on the master bedroom. 

Convenient and Modern Kitchen

Lastly, the cabin offers a convenient and modern kitchen that we love for cooking simple food, making a large breakfast spread, whipping up cocktails for your guests, or storing snacks that you can access after a long day of hiking, biking, or skiing. The kitchen offers tons of appliances and modern amenities that are great for making dinners and saving money during your holiday!  

Use the standard coffee maker in the morning to make a fresh pot of coffee for you to wake up easily and quickly. Pour a cup of coffee and head to the outside area to enjoy the sights and sounds of nature.  

Add-ons and Features

You can also bring your dog on this vacation and take beloved Fido outside early in the morning to go for a walk around the property and play a game of fetch. Make use of good cell phone reception to stay in touch with your friends back home and send photos to your family who are wondering about your vacation. We also love using the DVD players and the old DVDs to watch an old-school movie after a long day of being out and about in the surrounding nature!  

Travelers looking forward to time relaxing and unwinding at their own pace surrounded by impeccable landscapes will find exactly what they’re searching for and more in Rangeley, Maine. Here, nature takes a place at the forefront of just about every experience while in-town entertainment is simple to access as well. Making more of every moment begins with booking incredible accommodations that offer up comfort, convenience, and of course stunning views too. To make sure it’s all a part of your next trip, be sure to book your stay in Digby’s Overlook. This inviting 2-bedroom, 1-bath retreat can easily accommodate up to 6 guests at a time as well as a pet upon request. Digby’s Overlook is a charming and newly renovated vacation cottage near Saddleback Mountain that makes access to the Village of Rangeley easier than ever and provides prime views over sweeping Rangeley Lake every day of your stay.  

Property Walkthrough: Digby’s Overlook

Lakeside charm, ample light flow, and inviting style are all a part of the experience for those who book their stay in Digby’s Overlook during their Rangeley adventures. Digby’s Overlook boasts a spacious, yet cozy design that makes the most of the square footage available without sacrificing anything in the way of that home-away-from-home feeling that so many travelers are craving. The living room in Digby’s Overlook hosts a plush gray sofa and a set of three complimenting armchairs for guests to settle into. The neutral carpeting adds a soft touch to the space while the wall-to-ceiling wood paneling provides an aesthetic that leads towards lakeside cabin-chic! Country-inspired valences are situated above large windows offering up a great view and natural light flow too. The corner of the living room hosts a large flat-screen television to enhance the entertainment value of each and every stay here. Those who reserve their place in Digby’s Overlook can enjoy easy access to Wi-Fi during their visit as well as Direct TV and a DVD player with plenty of movie options to select from on-site. There are also games and books in the living room for guests to enjoy during their stay. 

Around the corner from the living room, guests can easily access the fully equipped kitchen in Digby’s Overlook which is ideal for those days when you’re looking for a homestyle meal as opposed to heading out and enjoying a local restaurant. The kitchen has everything needed in place for visitors to serve up breakfast, lunch, or dinner whenever cravings come calling. Floor-to-ceiling natural plank paneling continues in this culinary area of the home and guests will also find a full collection of modern appliances, cooking essentials and custom cabinetry as well. When it’s time to dine, the table is located at the end of the kitchen and includes four chairs as well as bench seating. 

Getting a good night’s rest in Digby’s Overlook is a breeze no matter what room guests select. The main bedroom is located off the living room and hosts a double bed as well as an eye-catching comforter topping a plush mattress and high-quality linens. The second sleeping area is lofted and hosts two twin beds and a double bed. When added sleeping space is required, the sofa in the living room pulls out to a sleeper as well. 

Exterior Features

The view is always a treat for those who book a stay at Digby’s Overlook and accessing the vista is simple. Stepping outside, guests will find stairs leading directly to a large yard with a vantage point over the water across the street. The deck is adorned with cozy chairs and a patio table for those times when settling in and savoring the sights is a top priority. When an al fresco meal would hit the spot, Digby’s Overlook also has a picnic table in the yard as well as a new Weber Grill that’s available for guests to use between May and October. The outdoor spaces that surround Digby’s Overlook are prime places to take in a spectacular sunset. This property also offers up seamless snowmobile access for those travelers who are heading to Rangeley in the wintertime and looking to enhance their adventure.  

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No matter when your travel plans bring you to scenic Rangeley, Maine, how long you plan to stay, or how many fellow travelers you arrive alongside, making sure you have amazing accommodations in place can elevate the experience even further. At Morton & Furbish Vacation Rentals, we know what it takes to help travelers make more of every moment and for us, it begins with providing accommodation options with the details in place that make all the difference. Reach out today to learn more about booking your next stay in Digby’s Overlook. We’re happy to handle the details so you can focus on the well-deserved fun ahead! 

Travelers that can’t wait to relish a getaway to scenic Oquossoc where access to outdoor fun is as convenient as in-town entertainment will find everything they’re looking for when they book a stay in Oquossoc Camp. This inviting and endlessly charming 2-bedroom Maine vacation home away from home hosts 1.5 bathrooms and can easily accommodate up to 8 guests at a time making it a wonderful choice for family and friend vacations alike. There’s even room for a pet upon request! The cabin-inspired aesthetic is a welcoming touch to this rental. Those who book a stay here will enjoy accommodations right in Oquossoc that are also within walking distance of Portage. If you arrive to enjoy a stay here in the summer, the lush scenery is sure to inspire while winter travelers can take time to enjoy prime access to the snowmobile trails while they’re here. Oquossoc Camp offers up a great place to call your own no matter what time of year you’re ready to enjoy a well-earned getaway to scenic Maine.  

Property Walkthrough Oquossoc Camp

Stepping inside Oquossoc Camp, guests will find a cozy and welcoming space to enjoy during their Oquossoc stay. The floorplan here pairs comfort and modern amenities seamlessly while large windows throughout offer up easy access to the view and plenty of natural light flow throughout too. The living room in Oquossoc Camp hosts two plush and gray sofas around an oversized ottoman. The bookshelf in the corner of the room is packed with books, movie options, and DVDs for guests to enjoy while the woodstove in the opposite corner brings in a cozy touch to every stay. When entertainment value is top of mind, the large flat-screen television keeps digital options just the click of a button away thanks to DirecTV access.  

Off the living room, guests can access the home’s fully equipped kitchen which is ideal for those times when visitors aren’t out exploring local restaurants and eateries during their stay. The kitchen in this property enjoys wrap-around green counters and a collection of custom oak cabinetry already stocked up with dishes, utensils, and cooking essentials as well. Guests will also enjoy access to a variety of modern appliances that make serving up breakfast, lunch, and dinner options even easier. When it’s time to dine, visitors can gather around the dining room table fit for four guests at a time to enjoy a meal in good company.  

The full bath in this home is located just off the living room and hosts a bath and vanity as well as a convenient washer and dryer combination. After a full day of fun, guests who are looking for a good night’s sleep will find it easily within reach. Every bedroom in this home enjoys a cozy mattress topped with high-quality linens. Both bedrooms are found on the upper level of the home with one featuring a king bedroom set and the other a collection of doubles across a charming loft.  As an added convenience to guests, this property hosts a dog kennel as well as a baby gate, highchair, and two cribs on-site. 

Property Walkthrough Oquossoc Camp

Exterior Features for Guests

When travelers take time to enjoy a stay at Oquossoc Camp, they never have to go far to find the fresh air, views, and outdoor fun they’ve been searching for. The front porch of this property is a welcoming place to settle into a chair and enjoy the surrounding towering trees morning or night. The deck on the property also hosts a gas grill as well as an outdoor dining set so guests can always make the most of an al fresco meal when their dish would pair best with a view and the fresh air. The large yard is great for little ones and pets to run while the easy access to adventures in nature makes this property a must-visit for those who can’t get enough of the great outdoors. Of course, knowing you can settle back into charming comfort after a day of Oquossoc excursions makes this property that much more inviting.  

Property Walkthrough Oquossoc Camp

Book Your Getaway to Beautiful Maine Today

There’s never been a better time to make your way to Maine in the name of fun and no reason to wait when you’re ready to enjoy the very best an Oquossoc stay has to offer. When you know that having amazing accommodations in place would make all the difference in your getaway, the team at Morton & Furbish Vacation Rentals is here to help. Reach out today to learn more about our incredible selection of area properties to enjoy or to inquire about booking a stay in Oquossoc Camp the next time you’re in town. We’re happy to handle all of the logistics and details so that our guests can truly make the most of every vacation moment. We look forward to seeing you in scenic Maine soon! 

A trip to Rangeley, Maine is a chance for travelers to relish incredible scenery, make the most of wildlife watching, and immerse themselves in the beauty of nature at every turn. Having accommodations that keep you close to the moments you can’t wait to savor begins with booking Gray Wulff for your next visit. This 2-bedroom 1-bath retreat is an inviting Quimby Pond camp that can easily accommodate up to 6 guests at a time. Traveling with a pet in tow? This property is designed with pet-friendly living in mind! Gray Wulff is a wonderful vacation home in Maine when travelers are planning to stay in the area for at least three nights and are enjoying time away with family or friends alike. The property sits on the water’s edge and is brimming over with rustic charm and amazing views just waiting to be enjoyed.  

Property Walkthrough: Gray Wulff

Stepping into Gray Wulff, guests will be greeted by a property that’s designed from top to bottom to exude cabin-chic style. Sleek wood paneling from floor to ceiling brings the beauty of the natural outdoors right inside while brick accents and splashes of colorful wall art throughout infuse a modern take into the aesthetic too. A comprehensive floor plan makes the most of the square footage available and ensures guests can easily move between living, dining, lounge, and sleeping areas every day of their stay. Thanks to plenty of windows throughout this property, guests will find that natural light flow is a part of the getaway experience too.  

The living room in Gray Wulff hosts a plush beige sofa, rocking chair, and overstuffed armchair all topped with colorful throw pillows. The furnishing set is settled around a wood stove framed in brick that makes for comfortable evenings snuggled up indoors. Just off the living room, guests can find the cabin’s full kitchen, where serving up a home-style meal is a breeze when visitors aren’t out exploring the local restaurant scene. The kitchen in Gray Wulff hosts a full collection of modern appliances as well as natural oak cabinetry stocked up with cooking essentials for guests to use too. The counters extend along the entirety of the far kitchen wall providing ample space for meal preparations when guests are looking forward to dishing up personalized breakfast, lunch, or dinner selections during their stay. When it’s time to enjoy a meal in good company, there’s a dining room table found just between the kitchen and living room settled next to a large window.  

After a day of fun out and about around Rangeley, guests will find the bedrooms in Gary Wulff offer up an inviting place to settle in and get a good night’s sleep. The main floor bedroom hosts a queen bed and is found through a door just off the living room. The second bedroom in the home is found up the living room ladder which extends to the charming loft area. Here, guests will find two twin beds to enjoy as well as an easy view out and over the rest of the property below. 

Exterior Features to Enjoy

Guests who book a stay in Gray Wulff never have to travel far to find outdoor fun while they’re here. This property comes with an inviting deck off the back that hosts a grill for making the most of al fresco meals as well as a dining table set. There’s also an Adirondak chair and collection of rockers on the deck so guests can sit back and relax after a savory meal. Waterfront views of the pond are available for guest enjoyment during a stay at Gray Wulff and when you’re looking to get out on the water, a yellow kayak is readily available here as well. This is a fishing-only pond for those that are interested in spending some time casting a line. The dock here is shared with other Quimby Pond camps and proves useful when guests are looking to put the on-site aluminum canoe to the water in the name of adventure and fun. At the end of the day, guests can settle in on the porch and watch the sun set over the waves, reminiscing about their many adventures at their own, preferred pace.  

Book Your Rangeley Adventure Today

There’s never been a better time to book your trip to Rangeley, Maine, and no reason to wait when you’re ready to make sure you have incredible accommodations to match. Embrace the best of cabin life the next time you head this way by booking a stay in Gray Wulff through the team at Morton & Furbish Vacation Rentals. We’ll handle all of the details of your getaway so that you can focus on the fun ahead. Our team looks forward to seeing you in scenic Rangely, Maine soon! 

No matter what time of year travelers arrive to enjoy a getaway to scenic Rangeley, Maine, booking a stay in Lone Moose elevates the experience from start to finish. This 3-bedroom, 1-bath Rangeley vacation home can easily accommodate 6 guests at a time as well as a pet upon request. Lone Moose is ideal for those with three nights and more to spare in the name of fun and is suitable for small groups of family and friends alike! This property sits within a charming cottage community off of Rt. 4 and keeps visitors within walking distance of Rangeley activities and attractions while emphasizing a refreshing sense of privacy too. Those who reserve their stay in Lone Moose will love that they’re just minutes from the Saddleback ski area in the winter and can also enjoy easy snowmobile access from this location. Warm weather adventurers making Lone Moose their Rangeley home away from home will find a boat launch, dock, playground, and beach access just half a mile from the front door while restaurants and great shopping are easily within reach year-round as well. 

Property Walkthrough: Lone Moose

Stepping into Lone Moose, guests will find a focus on rustic-chic style dominates the aesthetic while three comprehensive levels of living space make it simple for guests to move easily between rooms during their visit. Hardwood flooring is found throughout Lone Moose while beautifully finished wood paneling also covers the walls and vaulted ceilings. Nature-themed décor brings the beauty of the outdoors right inside while rich earth tones provide for a cozy look within Lone Moose. Large windows are found throughout this property as well, providing ample natural light flow and putting a frame on the lush, natural surroundings. 

Off to the right when heading in the main door, guests will find Lone Moose hosts a fully equipped kitchen. This is ideal for those who are looking forward to pairing time out exploring restaurants with time in serving up home-style meals. The kitchen hosts a full collection of modern appliances as well as plenty of cabinets stocked with cooking essentials and sleek flooring that makes for easy clean up. When it’s time to enjoy a savory meal together, guests can easily gather around the dining room table for four that’s situated on the opposite side of the entrance room next to a sprawling window.  

Stairs around the corner from the kitchen lead to the upper level of the home where guests will find restful spaces await. Visitors can choose between two bedrooms that each host two twin beds, or a sleeping loft that enjoys a double bed and lake and mountain views to match. There’s also a large television in the loft that adds to the overall entertainment value of the space.  

The layout of Lone Moose provides guests with access to the primary living space on the lower level of the home. Here, guests will find a cozy, brown leather sofa as well as two loungers and a rocking chair. The furnishing set is settled in front of a large flat-screen television mounted on the far wall of the room. When a little coziness would go a long way, guests will love that this space also hosts an electric fireplace just below the television.  

When visitors who book a stay in Lone Moose aren’t out exploring Rangeley’s scenery, they can find plenty of fun to be enjoyed in the form of a vast collection of books, games, movies, and music on-site at this property. Adding to the customizable convenience of a stay here is the fact that Lone Moose has a washer and dryer set in the basement.  

Exterior Features for Guests

Guests who enjoy time in Lone Moose never have to go far to find the fresh air fun. The front porch of this eye-catching red cottage holds a collection of Adirondack rocking chairs as well as four stackable chairs for settling in and enjoying the surrounding towering pines. Outside, guests will also have access to a grill as well as a fire pit for those times when settling in under the stars is exactly the right choice. A picnic table on the back patio provides the perfect place for guests to gather and enjoy an alfresco meal when their Rangeley stay is a warm weather adventure.  

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Making your way to Rangeley in the name of fun and well-earned downtime is always a good idea for travelers. Those who book a stay through Morton & Furbish Vacation Rentals have even more to look forward to when it comes to luxury, comfort, and accommodation style. Reach out today to learn more about booking a stay in Lone Moose the next time your travel plans happen to bring you in this direction. We can’t wait to take care of the details so you can focus on the fun ahead! We’ll see you in scenic Maine soon. 

Travelers that are looking forward to a scenic, welcoming, and fun escape from the daily routine will find exactly what they’re looking for when they make the most of a Maine adventure. Whether you’re headed this way with family or friends, booking a stay in 23 Dolman-Amalaran is a sure way to infuse comfort, style, and some well-deserved luxury into your stay. This 3-bedroom, 2-bath retreat can easily welcome up to 8 guests at a time. There’s even room for a pet upon request for those who can’t imagine a vacation without their favorite canine companion included in the fun. When it comes to prime area locations, 23 Dolman-Amalaran is hard to top. This Rangeley vacation rental sits just between Rangeley and Oquossoc and is surrounded by lush towering pine trees. Dodge Pond is only steps from the house giving guests an off-the-beaten path feel. That said, when exploration is top of mind, local restaurants, stores, and mountain slopes are just minutes from the front door.  

Property Walkthrough: 23 Dolman-Amalaran

Plenty of space, rustic-chic style, and ample comfort await within the walls of 23 Dolman-Amalaran. This home enjoys a spacious layout where guests will find it’s a breeze to move between living, dining, entertainment, and lounge areas while they’re here. The property is divided between two levels and includes a basement, each of which is adorned with large windows to offer up spectacular views of the surrounding terrain. This also means ample natural light flow for guests to enjoy during their stay. The living room in 23 Dolman-Amalaran is a cozy place for guests to settle in and enjoy some downtime after a day of outdoor fun. This space hosts a plush leather sofa and a collection of four decorative armchairs on either end. The furnishing set is settled around a natural wood coffee table, but it’s the stone-framed fireplace that works as a welcoming focal point in the room. The carpeting in the living room adds to the overall comfort while the wood-paneled walls and ceilings are adorned with antlers and fish-inspired décor to bring the beauty of nature right inside. 

Just around the corner from the living room, guests can access the home’s comprehensive and fully equipped kitchen. When cravings come calling for a home-style meal, this is definitely a welcome addition to the property. The kitchen in this rental features a collection of eye-catching moss-green and oak cabinetry filled with cooking essentials and dishware. Guests will also find stainless steel appliances to use as well as wrap-around counters for easy meal preparations. When it’s time to dine, feel free to make your way to the dining room table fit for 6-guests and enjoy a delicious dish in good company.  

After a savory meal, guests will find that a stay in 23 Dolman-Amalaran encourage a good night’s sleep with ease. Each of the bedrooms in this home is tastefully decorated and offers up a comfortable mattress topped with quality linens and a stylish comforter. All three bedrooms host queen bedroom sets with one bedroom located on the main level and the other two found on the second level of the home. If guests aren’t quite ready to rest, but could go for some relaxation instead, heading down to the basement level where a finished walkout space with a couch and wood-burning stove is found is the right choice. Settle in with a glass of wine and enjoy kicking back in style among family and friends.  

Exterior Features for Guests to Enjoy

The beauty of booking a stay in 23 Dolman-Amalaran is that visitors never have to go far to find the outdoor fun they’re looking for. This property enjoys a beautiful and spacious wrap-around deck dotted with tables and chairs for those times when an al fresco meal would hit the spot. The gas grill on-site is available for guests to use May through October when it’s time to serve up something savory that can be paired with an impeccable view. Those who are looking forward to time on the water will appreciate the home’s private path leading to the waterfront. Here, guests can access a dock and 2 canoes for enjoying during a stay. From the easy to reach beach area to the fire pit that offers up summer fun under the stars, booking a stay here promises guests an unforgettable journey every step of the way.  

Book Your Maine Getaway Today

Make more of your Maine adventure when you let the team at Morton & Furbish Vacation Rentals handle your accommodations details. Reach out today to learn more about booking 23 Dolman-Amalaran for your next visit, or to inquire about our many other exciting property options in and around the Rangeley area. We’re here to handle the logistics so you can simply focus on the fun ahead. Our team can’t wait to see you in scenic Rangeley soon! 

When you can’t wait to get out of town and focus on the fun in Maine for a while instead, booking a stay in 33 Hilltop is sure to elevate the experience from start to finish. This welcoming 4-bed, 2-bath Rangeley vacation rental can easily accommodate up to 10 guests at a time, making it an ideal choice when you’re heading here with family or friends in tow. 33 Hilltop comes with the added benefit of being a brand-new custom-built home. This means that guests will enjoy a stay that revolves around refreshing modern style and top-notch amenities. While 33 Hilltop is a cozy place to call home when you’re looking to relax and unwind, it’s also a property with sweeping views of Saddleback Mountain and Rangeley Lake that are sure to inspire a desire to explore! When guests can’t wait to swap leisure time for dining and shopping, Rangely Village is only minutes away by car.  

Rangeley Vacation Rental Walkthrough: 33 Hilltop

Stepping foot through the front door of 33 Hilltop, guests will find plenty of space, light, and modern Rangeley-inspired style waiting to greet them. This property boasts a beautiful and spacious open floor plan adorned with sleek wood-plank paneling, cathedral ceilings, and large windows throughout. The result is a luxury cabin aesthetic that puts a firm frame on a beautiful view day and night. Vaulted ceilings enhance the overall sense of space while the wood finish brings the beauty of the outdoors right inside. 

The living room in 33 Hilltop is a comfortable and stylish place for guests to gather during a stay. Here, they’ll find two plush sofas topped with cozy throw pillows and paired up with a sleek armchair too. The furnishing collection is settled around a natural wood coffee table and a large flat-screen television mounted on the far wall of the room. The living space opens up to a full kitchen and dining area where guests can enjoy home-style meals when they aren’t exploring the Rangeley Village restaurants. This kitchen hosts a large center island with black granite counters and barstool seating options included. The length of the back wall of the kitchen is occupied with additional counter space paired up with stainless steel appliances and custom cabinetry too. The gray tile backsplash complements the base of the island perfectly! When it’s time to dine, the dining room table fit for 6 guests is a great place to gather and comes with outdoor views through a wall of windows. After dinner, guests can cozy up and relax in the second living room found on the downstairs level of this home. This space also provides access to a game room where visitors of all ages can enjoy some friendly competition! 

When it’s time to rest up for the fun ahead, getting a good night’s sleep is simple in 33 Hilltop. Each bedroom in this property provides guests with access to a plush mattress topped with premium linens and eye-catching comforters. The master suite is located on the main floor and hosts a king bedroom set. The upper level of the home hosts a second king bedroom and twin single option while the lower level hosts a queen bedroom set and bunk bed combination. Bathrooms are found on the main and lower levels of the home. As an added convenience to guests, 33 Hilltop has a washer and dryer combo on-site so cleaning up and settling in is that much more of a breeze! 

Exterior Features for Guests

While Rangeley is a destination designed to be explored and enjoyed, those who book a stay in 33 Hilltop will find that there’s much to be savored in the way of fresh-air fun right on-site. This property hosts a large and cozy covered porch where guests can settle in and enjoy the view no matter what season they arrive. The covered porch has vaulted ceilings and paneled walls as well as dual rattan sofas and a full coffee table to match. Those looking to savor the sunshine will want to head out to the home’s large patio instead. Here, a collection of eye-catching red Adirondack chairs encircles a large fire pit. This makes for a wonderful place to sit back, relax, and reminisce with family and friends about the day’s adventures. The exterior of the home also hosts a Weber grill that’s available for guests to use between May and October. This is a welcome addition to the stay for those who are looking forward to al fresco meals while they’re here. 

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Travelers that are excited to enjoy a well-deserved trip to scenic Rangeley, Maine will find every day of their stay a delight when they book 249 Dallas Hill Road to be their home away from home. This inviting 4-bed, 1.5-bath retreat is a great option for groups of friends or family alike as the property can easily accommodate up to 9 guests at a time. 249 Dallas Hill Road provides its visitors with a wonderfully refreshing sense of off-the-beaten-path tranquility. At the same time, those who book a stay here will find they are never far from the outdoor adventure waiting to be enjoyed at Saddleback! Whether you’re looking to get out and explore or you can’t wait to settle into comfort and style, 249 Dallas Hill Road is a Rangeley vacation rental that’s designed to inspire.

Interior Amenities for Guests to Enjoy

249 Dallas Hill Road is a spacious home that features an inviting floor plan designed to include large windows throughout. These not only frame the beautiful view but give visitors a chance to indulge in ample natural light flow throughout the daytime hours as well. The bright red façade makes 249 Dallas Hill Road an easy property to spot. Once guests step inside, they’ll find great amenities and just as much in the way of comfort and style waiting for them. The living room in 249 Dallas Hill Road hosts two plush sofas for guests to settle into. One sofa is finished in a light brown fabric while the other adds a pop of color thanks to its covering of blue and white plaid. The sofas are accompanied by a set of black leather recliners and the entire furnishing set is situated around a natural wood coffee table. The table sits on a blue and red braided rug which beautifully offsets the sleek hardwood flooring. Overhead, guests will enjoy the exposed beam detailing along the ceiling while the inclusion of a large flat-screen television adds to the space’s entertainment value.

When cravings come calling, visitors can easily serve up home-style meals in the property’s full kitchen. Here, guests will find plenty of cabinetry stocked up with cooking essentials as well as blue swirl-patterned counters, modern appliances, and a small breakfast bar for additional seating beyond the home’s dining room table fit for four at a time.

While getting out and exploring the terrain is a highlight of a stay here for many travelers, resting up for the fun ahead is just as important. Those who book 249 Dallas Hill Road will find that every bedroom in this property makes it a breeze to get a good night’s sleep. The main floor of the home hosts a queen bedroom. The upper level of the property hosts a double bedroom, a room with two twin beds and a king master suite. The home also has an additional room with a daybed on the main level that can work as an additional sleeping space when needed.

Those who make 249 Dallas Hill Road their own during a visit this way will enjoy extras that make all the difference. This home is set up to support Wi-Fi, giving guests options to customize their downtime at the touch of a button. The home also hosts a washer and dryer set as an added convenience.

Exterior Features

The views are spectacular and surround the property for those who book 249 Dallas Hill Road during their trip to Maine. This home enjoys the inclusion of a sprawling yard that’s fenced in for added privacy and lined with towering trees too. When guests are looking forward to kicking back and relaxing in style, the back porch is the perfect place to settle into cozy furnishings or take up a chair in the sitting area near the floor-to-ceiling windows overlooking the property. At day’s end, guests can always make their way outside and enjoy the use of the on-site firepit too. There is a grill available for serving up savory options for those who book a stay between mid-May and the middle of October. The back deck enjoys a full outdoor furnishing set, so an alfresco meal is well within reach when your plate is best paired with the fresh air and a view. No matter when you arrive to enjoy a stay, booking 249 Dallas Hill Road is a sure way to elevate the experience from start to finish.

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There’s no reason to wait when you’re ready to turn your Rangeley travel plans into a reality. At Morton & Furbish Vacation Rentals, we have the property options available to ensure guests top off their getaway experience in style. Reach out today to learn more about booking 249 Dallas Hill Road for your next adventure. We’re also happy to answer questions regarding any of our other area properties available. Our team is here to take care of the details so travelers can kick back and focus on the fun ahead instead. We look forward to welcoming you to scenic Rangeley, Maine soon.

Enjoy a stunning getaway to Rangeley when you book Bolduc as your home-away-from-home the next time travel plans bring you this way! This 5-bed, 3-bath retreat provides up to 14-guests and a pet upon request with plenty of space to roam and relax across three levels. The log cabin aesthetic is as beautiful outside as it is throughout the home’s interior. Bolduc provides guests with access to the privacy and seclusion they crave as well as the amazing views thanks to its waterfront location. If you’re one for one-the-water fun in the summer, it doesn’t get any closer than this. Bolduc also provides easy access to snowmobile trails for those heading here in the wintertime. Newly decorated and ready to provide an amazing stay to families and friend groups alike, our North Shore Rangeley vacation rentals are the best.

Interior Amenities to Check Out

Settling into space, style, and comfort is a breeze for those who choose to book Bolduc during their Rangeley getaway. This open-concept property offers up ample space for people and pets to find their vacation stride and state of mind starting on day one of their adventures. There are living areas to be found on all floors of the home, putting comfort at the top of the priority list every day of a stay. The primary living room on the main floor hosts a deep red sofa and matching loveseats settled around a natural wood coffee table. The furnishing set is situated in front of a large flat-screen television for added comfort. Guests will also enjoy the inclusion of the stone-framed fireplace when a cozy touch would go a long way! The stones framing the fireplace run from floor to vaulted ceiling where the natural wood panels bring the beauty of the outdoors right inside. The living room also hosts sleek hardwood flooring throughout while a wall of cathedral windows puts a firm frame on a breathtaking lakefront view.

The main floor living room opens up to the kitchen and dining area where guests can enjoy a home-cooked meal when they aren’t dining out. The kitchen features a sprawling center island with barstool seating and a paneled base as well as a full collection of custom cabinetries stocked up with cookware. Stainless steel appliances are matched up with spacious counters, making meal preparations a breeze from start to finish. When it’s time to dine, guests are invited to gather around the formal dining room table suitable for 8 at a time that sits between the living area and kitchen surrounded by windows.

The second living room in the home is located up the grand staircase within the loft setting. Here, guests can cozy up in one of two overstuffed blue sofas or settle in around the round table fit for four at a time. This living space enjoys plush carpeting, a coffee table, and a shelf filled with board games.

The basement level in Bolduc is where visitors can access the third living space and game room. Feel free to enjoy time on the red extended sectional sofa situated in front of the second stone-framed fireplace in the home! There’s another large flat-screen television in this room as well while next to the couch, guests can find a ping pong table and air hockey table that prove wonderful when a little friendly competition is in order.

When it’s time to rest up, each of the 5 bedrooms in this home is sure to inspire a good night’s sleep. The master suite on the main floor enjoys a king bedroom set situated under vaulted ceilings. Guests who choose this room will also find access to a private bath with a shower and breathtaking lake views out of all the windows.

Two additional bedrooms are located on the upper level including a king bedroom and a queen bedroom. The basement level hosts the remaining two rooms that each feature a bunk set twin over double combination. Additionally, guests will find 2 futons in the upstairs hall for added sleeping space as well as a double bed in the basement area.

Exterior Features to Enjoy

Booking a stay in Bolduc means never going far to find the outdoor fun or view. The lower level of the property hosts a spacious furnished patio where guests can settle in and look out over the water. There’s also a hot tub on-site for relaxing in and hammocks in the large yard. Bolduc hosts a private dock and a nearby firepit for settling around in the evening hours. There’s a gas grill for guests to use when an alfresco meal paired with a view would really hit the spot. Winter travelers will love that booking a stay here includes a ski lock at Saddleback when fun on the slopes is a top priority.

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