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An Educational Journey to Rangeley

Travel often takes us out of our daily routines and offers up a chance to focus on rest, relaxation, and some well-earned time of rejuvenation. While getting out of town and enjoying a new place can be a great way to revitalize the mind and body, it’s also a chance to incorporate some inspiring moments of learning along the way. Whether you’re a traveler looking to take your voyages to the next educational level or heading out with little ones who are looking for engaging moments to supplement classroom learning—Rangeley, Maine is the place to set your sights! This scenic and inviting locale offers up a living classroom in the way of nature itself and visitors will find that the area’s history is just as intriguing. Come for the outdoor fun and let the education fill each and every space between by including these stops on the itinerary.

Book a Fly Fishing Charter

Rangeley is part of a larger region of Maine made up of six stunning lakes and a wide variety of connected streams and rivers. Because of this, many travelers are drawn this way to enjoy time on the water. When you’re looking for a more educational angle, these many lakes and waterways are also an opportunity to learn more about the fish species that call the waters home. The best route to gaining insight on this topic is by booking a chartered fly fishing excursions during your stay. Not only will you learn a new skill that’s a popular part of Rangeley culture, but you’ll have the chance to speak with an expert guide on how these species thrive in this area. The Rangeley Lake Guide Service is a great option for beginners. Located at 234 S. Shore Drive, The Rangeley Lake Guide Service provides an opportunity to learn and fish, while also incorporating wildlife spotting as eagles soar overhead and a deer or two may be spotted along the shoreline.

Horseback Riding

Getting out and into nature is the best way to learn more about the Rangeley Lakes region, but perhaps an even more immersive way to educate yourself is to do so on horseback! Those that are excited to learn to ride and can’t wait to indulge in the forested surroundings they’ve come to enjoy can do both by booking a ride at Saddleview Farm. Located at 47 Skyland Drive, Saddleview Farm is the area’s premier provider of guided trail rides that combine horseriding lessons with options to earn more insight into the scenery and terrain. Riding lessons are followed up by excursions through both soft and hardwood forests. You’ll not only get up close to amazing horses, but you’ll have the chance to take time to enjoy the intricacy of nature and how it all works together to create a thriving Rangeley.

Hiking and Moose Spotting

Rangeley, Maine is home to a wide variety of incredible creatures, but amongst them, the moose definitely stands out as one of the most inspiring and impressive. These massive animals thrive within the forested surroundings dotted with lush lakes. This natural combination makes Rangeley an incredible place to enjoying a combination of hiking and moose spotting. Moose tend to be most active in the area between late spring and September. Eating up to 50 pounds of aquatic and woodland vegetation a day, moose find their meals in the early morning and afternoon hours. It’s during this timeframe when they’re focused on their food, that a moose can most safely be spotted from a distance. While they don’t have great eyesight, they have an incredible sense of smell. For this reason, it’s always advisable to book time with one of Rangeley’s Registered Maine Guides when you’re looking to do some great moose-spotting. Planning a hike up Saddleback Mountain is often a recommended route for this educational activity whether you go with a guide or head out independently.

Outdoor Heritage Museum

The great outdoors is an undeniable draw for many travelers to Rangeley, but the area also enjoys a vast and rich history that’s worth exploring while you’re here as well. For the visitor that has a passion for pursuing stories of the past, a stop at the Outdoor Heritage Museum is a great place to start. Located at the intersection of ME-4 and RT-17 in Oquossoc, the Outdoor Heritage Museum offers up access to galleries and displays that highlight thousands of years of Rangeley history. Explore artifacts that show what daily life was like for the First Nation Tribes that called the area home or enjoy exhibits that explain how fly fishing came to be such a popular activity in Maine. Admission is $5 a person and through the end of October, the museum is open Wednesday through Sunday between 10:00 am and 4:00 pm.

Your Rangeley Adventure Awaits

No matter when you find yourself in beautiful Rangeley, Maine, the team at Morton & Furbish Vacation Rentals is here to make sure you have accommodations that keep you close to the fun. Enjoy a stay that’s comfortable, convenient, and includes luxurious upgrades you deserve. Contact us today for more details and to start planning!