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Winter 2020 Seasonal Rentals

Winter 2022 Seasonal Rentals

Thank you for your interest in a winter seasonal Morton and Furbish rental for the 2022 season.  All of these rentals are available for a three or four month stay only.  When you rent one of the seasonal properties the rental does include heat, utilities, and plowing.  Guests are responsible for shoveling walkways and decks at the property during the winter months.  When you book one of the winter seasonal properties, we do ask for the first month’s payment to make the reservation active and your balance for the remainder of your stay needs to be paid in full before your arrival date 🙂

SBLL 8: https://www.rangeleyrentals.com/485159/   This property is located at Saddleback Lake Lodge – so skiing only and no pets – sleeps 4.  $1800/month plus taxes & fees.
23 Dolman – Amalaran: https://www.rangeleyrentals.com/vacation-rentals/23-Dolman-Amalaran/  This property is located on Dodge Pond.  $3900/month plus taxes & fees.
The Farmhouse Inn Honeymoon Cottage  $1600/month plus taxes/feeshttps://www.rangeleyrentals.com/453120/
The Farmhouse Inn Timber hearth  $2900/month plus taxes/feeshttps://www.rangeleyrentals.com/453117/
(Note: The Farmhouse properties are available for the months of January and February)