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End of Summer Activities in Rangeley

There is no doubt that the summer season is one of the best seasons of the year. You can take advantage of a long break for memorable trips with loved ones. Summer is all about enjoying the long days with fun-filled outdoor activities. Depending on the interests of everyone in the group, you can select a location that has something for all age groups. With kids on a summer break from school, you can easily plan lots of fun activities at an excellent vacation spot. But if you did not get an opportunity to head out for a vacation during summer, you can select the end of summer as the right time for a trip. With a pleasant weather at the end of the summer, you can beat the summer heat yet make the most of your vacation. When the summer season comes to an end, you can still embark on a trip while choosing the perfect time between the hot summer and upcoming cold weather.

With plenty of clear blue lakes, long and wide ranges of mountains, and breathtaking waterfalls, Rangeley spot is truly amazing in every way at the end of summer. You can enjoy water activities like kayaking, boating, swimming, paddle boarding, hiking, wildlife watching, photography, and much more. The pristine lakes are known for their clear water where you can spend a great time with your group. Read on to see all the Rangeley, Maine summer activities that await you!

End of Summer Fun With These Maine Summer Activities

The end of summer is truly one of the best times to visit Rangeley. You can also beat the usual summer crowd and enjoy the space to yourself while enjoying things to do in Rangeley Maine in summer. The calm waters of the Rangeley area can transform your vacation into a peaceful experience. You can check out a number of outdoor activities while visiting this natural wonder in Maine. If you are attracted to the great outdoors and would like to spend every moment of your trip close to water, you have some incredible options on the list. One of the best end-of-summer activities is kayaking. It gives you a chance to spend time in the waters while enjoying a cool breeze. There are many lakes in the area including the popular Rangeley Lake State Park. Here, you can participate in kayaking and paddle boating. You can also join a guided kayak tour to enjoy special moments like sunset, sunrise, or simply to understand the water bodies of the Rangeley area.

If spending your day under waterfalls sounds like the perfect plan for your trip, you can find many spots in the area. One of the most popular waterfalls includes Smalls Falls. It is a kid-friendly spot where you can find shallow ponds for kids. There are both tiny and huge waterfalls at varying heights so you can spend a day close to the water. You can also hike in the area and capture breathtaking views of the mountains, waterfalls, and native trees. If time persists, you can visit Angel Falls and the Cascade Stream Gorge Trail.

Another activity that you cannot miss during your end of summer trip is hiking. You can find plenty of walking and biking trails all over the region. While hiking in the area, you can admire the picturesque landscape of mountains and lakes. One popular spot for hiking is Bald Mountain. You can hike to the observation tower at the top of Bald Mountain to capture the stunning view of the surrounding mountains.

Do not miss the scenic Rangeley Lakes National Scenic Byway, where you can enjoy stunning views on both sides of the road. A short hike will take you to the popular Height of the Land. Located at an elevation, this spot is great for adoring the beauty of the surrounding area. You will also start noticing the change in the color of leaves at the end of summer as fall begins when enjoying these things to do in Rangeley Maine in summer.

You can find many chartered fishing tours where you can learn from local experts. Check out the different options like sunset cruises, where you can admire the changing sky colors against the backdrop of water.

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