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Top 5 Local Only Breweries

Get ready for a relaxing, rejuvenating, and peaceful vacation in the magical Rangeley Lake region in Maine. Nestled in a beautiful and picturesque landscape with mountains, lakes, and flowing streams, the region is perfect for a break from a fast-paced lifestyle. The peaceful ambiance forces you to stop, admire, reflect, and absorb the calmness in the air. There are lots of activities centered around nature. It is a perfect destination for everyone in the family as it has many options. From fishing to hiking, boating to swimming, you can do many fun-filled activities in the water. The Rangeley Lake region is a popular destination among visitors all year round. In summer, you can enjoy water activities such as swimming, fishing, and kayaking. You can rent kayaks, canoes, paddleboats, and many other options to stay close to the beautiful lakes and streams. Fall is known for its colorful foliage that allows you to admire some incredible views. While winter is famous for its thick cover of snow so you can enjoy activities like cross-country skiing, snowshoeing, and snowmobiling.

Besides enjoying the beauty of natural wonders, you can relish gourmet food and drinks in the region. There are plenty of casual dining spots, fine-dine restaurants, breweries, bars, and cafes. You can easily find the perfect choice depending on the choice and preference of your group. The Rangeley Lake region has excellent local-only Maine breweries where you can try out exciting beers, cocktails, hard liquor, and some new exotic varieties.

Tumbledown Brewery

Located in Farmington, ME, the Tumbledown Brewery has a great selection of local craft beers. You would find a wide range of pale ales, wheat, IPAs, and stouts. All the beers are inspired by the local mountains, lakes, culture, and picturesque landscape. When you sip a beer, you can get a taste of the relaxing vibes of the region. It is a perfect spot to unwind after exploring the tourist attractions in the neighborhood. Customers love the unique flavors such as Chocolate Cherry Milk Stout, Dawn Patrol Coffee Porter, Smoked Stout, and IPAs like Devil’s Hopyard IPA and Clearwater Cream Ale.

Steam Mill Brewing

Enjoy craft beers made with fresh local ingredients and signature recipes at the Steam Mill Brewing. You can find incredible flavors of beers, IPAs, pale ales, stouts, and much more. When you read the list of their beer selection, you will notice some unique flavors and signature options. The beer is inspired by the surrounding areas that offer a glimpse of the regional wonders. For example, the Paradise Perle is Belgian-style wheat made with Maine wildflower honey. If you like blueberry, you can sample a unique White Blueberry Wheat Ale with flavors of fresh blueberry. Another popular option at this Maine brewing company is the Lovers Lane IPA made with locally picked seasonal fruits.

Kennebec River Pub & Brewery

Situated in West Forks, Maine, the Kennebec River Pub & Brewery is a popular local brewery with a range of exciting options. You can relish a rich selection of local craft beers, IPAs, and stouts. The place is well known for offering beers and hand-crafted ales that are made on-site. You can check out the popular choices such as Whitewater Wheat, Class V Stout, Magic Hole IPA, Big Mama Blueberry Ale, Seedhead Red, and Northbound Pale Ale.

Sarge’s Sports Pub & Grub

Head to this pub for an exciting selection of beer, cocktails, and a variety of liquor options. You can explore a wide variety of beers on tap with exciting flavors and locally sourced ingredients. It is also famous for gourmet food options. You can pair your beer with some appetizing starters, burgers, fries, and wings. It has an incredible dinner menu with delicacies like pastrami Reuben, haddock sandwich, sarge’s prime rib steak & cheese bomb, tuna sandwich, and some mouthwatering pizza options.

The Furbish House Brewhouse & Eats

Get ready to enjoy a hearty selection of drinks and food at one of the happening spots on Main Street. You can enjoy locally crafted beers and IPAs on tap. One of the popular choices among customers is the house-brewed Blueberry Blond beer with a unique flavor profile. There are plenty of incredible menu options at this Maine brewing company featuring seafood, chicken, meat, and much more.

Plan Your Rangeley Getaway to These Maine Breweries

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