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Fall Journey in Rangeley

When you think about a vacation in the fall, you cannot miss the stunning colors of fall foliage. Fall is all about admiring the natural color show of changing leaves that cannot be described in words. It is fun to take a vacation during fall as you can experience this phenomenon on a fun-filled trip. Fall is also one of the best seasons to travel before the bitter cold sets in with low temperatures. You can enjoy plenty of outdoor activities in the pleasant weather. Rangeley, Maine is known for its picturesque landscape filled with natural wonders. You can head outdoors for a long hike while enjoying the fall foliage. Find leaves of different color shades, ready to surprise you with a magical show. You can explore many fall foliage tours while traveling in this region. Read on below to see how you can enjoy a fall journey to Rangeley!

Indoor & Outdoor Excitement

When you plan a fall journey to Rangeley, Maine, you will find plenty of exciting things on your plate. There is an equal and exciting mix of indoor and outdoor adventures. You can plan your itinerary by considering the interest level of everyone on the team. Check out a wide range of family-friendly activities.

The Rangeley Lakes region is considered one of the top destinations for fall foliage. The landscape of tall evergreen trees and lower-level colorful deciduous trees against the backdrop of clear blue lake water creates stunning views during the fall season thanks to a display of Maine fall foliage. You can notice mesmerizing shades of fiery orange, sunny yellow, bright red, and dark pink with occasional green leaves in between the show. Whether you hike on the mountains to capture some incredible views or enjoy scenic drives along the way, you can expect maximum pleasure and joy from these natural wonders.

One of the best ways to admire the fall foliage is by driving the Rangeley Lakes National Scenic Byway. It runs over more than 35 miles through small towns and natural areas where you can see the changing landscape of fall. Visit the scenic viewpoint called Height of Land. Located on the National Scenic Byway, this point offers incredible views of Rangeley Lake and the mountains from an incredible height. Some other scenic points include the Shelton Noyes Overlook, White Willow Farm Overlook, and Small Falls.

Next, you can visit the famous Rangeley Lake State Park. Spread over more than 850 acres of land, this spot is blessed with natural beauty. You can hike on numerous trails to capture views of the mountains and lake. The park is famous for plenty of activities such as hiking, fishing, wildlife viewing, bird watching, camping, picnicking, and photography. You can observe the changing, colorful Maine fall foliage from various vista points on the trail.

Plan a fun-filled day at one of the largest lakes in the area. Mooselookmeguntic Lake in Rangeley is one of the best tourist attractions with plenty of activities. You can enjoy fishing, boating, camping, hiking, and wildlife watching from this natural gem in the region.

If you would like to admire 360-degree views of the region, you can head to the famous Quill Hill. It has a large vista point where you can enjoy picnicking with your group. There are plenty of picturesque waterfalls for water lovers. For example, you can go to Small Falls, Angel Falls, and the Cascade Stream Gorge.

A Memorable Stay for a Memorable Maine Fall Vacation

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