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At Morton & Furbish Vacation Rentals, we offer fully furnished cabins with a long list of amenities. If you are excited about your next trip to Rangeley, Maine, consider checking out our Rangeley cabins with hot tubs! Every home is unique with artistic décor, impressive furnishing, and modern amenities. You can either pick a rustic cabin with an old-world charm or go for a modern home with a luxurious touch. We also have homes for groups of all sizes. From sleek cabins for a small group of four guests to larger homes for a group of 12, we offer it all. No matter what size or style you choose, you can look forward to enjoying a comfortable stay with all the conveniences for daily living. Read on to learn about our Rangeley cabins with hot tubs and book your stay! 

Features of Our Cabins with Hot tubs 

Besides a comfortable interior, you will find equally convenient outdoor areas with exciting amenities. You can easily participate in fun activities both indoors and outdoors. A rental home allows you to personalize your holiday where you can take advantage of private and common areas. Instead of performing all activities within a tiny hotel room, you can enjoy the luxury of space in a vacation home. Another advantage of booking our vacation rental is the convenient location that offers easy access to the major attractions, restaurants, bars, and shops in the area. If you are eager to make the most of your trip by staying close to the water, you can pick a lakefront rental home. We can offer cabins with a private waterfront so you can enjoy private access to the water and enjoy activities like kayaking, boating, swimming, and paddle boating.  

If the idea of a private hot tub sounds like a dream, you can absolutely make it true by choosing a cabin that offers it. We have plenty of options that give access to a private hot tub in your own backyard. Wake up to the view of the surrounding landscape, savor a cup of morning coffee, and settle in the hot tub to energize yourself before starting the day. After exploring the different attractions in the beautiful Rangeley area, you can come home and unwind in the hot tub. Sip a wine, admire the sunset, and relax your senses in the hot tub. There cannot be a better way to enjoy your much-deserved holiday.  

These fully furnished cabins have a lively and warm ambiance with hardwood flooring and big windows. You will notice lots of natural sunlight entering the house. Every cabin has an open floor design for a flawless transition between the different areas for living, sleeping, dining, and cooking. The house equips complimentary internet access, making it easy to stay connected with your folks back home. You can stream a movie or series of your choice on the flat-screen television. The living room creates a welcoming space with a comfortable seating arrangement consisting of a couch, armchairs, and tables. It can turn into a perfect hangout room where you can make plans for the day and also unwind in the evening after all the activities. All the bedrooms have a comfortable ambiance with premium upholstery and convenient amenities. For example, the master bedroom gives access to a closet where you can arrange clothes during your stay. It may have a private television for catching your favorite movie before calling it a day. The comfortable sleeping arrangement features a king-size bed, plush mattress, and comfy pillows. There are multiple bedrooms for other guests with different styles of beds. For example, it may have queen- or twin-size beds convenient for kids.   

You cannot forget the joy of enjoying some delicious food while on a holiday. Rangeley is known for plenty of gourmet restaurants where you can relish locally caught fresh seafood. There are many other options for casual food joints for savoring a variety of cuisines. If you would like to head out for dinner but prefer the comforts of home-cooked breakfast and lunch, you can use the freedom of a functional kitchen. Every rental cabin comes with a gourmet kitchen ready for your culinary adventures. It features sleek cabinetry, stainless steel appliances, and spacious granite countertops, creating a perfect stage for your master chef skills.  

Book Your Rangeley Escape 

With so many fun activities and attractive tourist spots in the Rangeley area, you can look forward to enjoying a memorable trip with your loved ones. The perfect cabin with a private hot tub is ready for your arrival. Do not miss the opportunity of a dream vacation. Get in touch with us at Morton & Furbish Vacation Rentals at the earliest for a vacation like no other.