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Top Winter Adventures in Rangeley, Maine

Winter is a season that inevitably has some running for the indoors where they can settle in by a fire, grab a hot cocoa, and wait for warmer weather to return. For others, winter is the ideal season for adventure! When you’re the type of traveler that looks forward to the first snowfall of the year, options for fun enjoyed far from home aren’t out of reach. If you’re a person who plans year-round for that inspiring winter getaway, there’s no place better to enjoy a cold-weather journey than Rangeley, Maine. When it’s time to put the finishing touches on the itinerary, the following are a few winter activities in Maine to consider.

Ski Saddleback Mountain

Downhill enthusiasts will find the mountainous and hilly landscape of Rangeley to be ideal for on-the-slopes fun, particularly when you set your sights on Saddleback Mountain. Famous as Main’s third largest ski resort, visitors to Saddleback Mountain will find bold trails and slopes that can accommodate skiers of all skill levels waiting to be enjoyed. Skiing Saddleback Mountain puts winter travelers firmly in the heart of a family-friendly environment.


Rangeley, Maine has a reputation for being the epicenter of snowmobiling in the state, and visitors from near and far benefit from the meticulously maintained trails that are accessible year-round. Take advantage of the maze of trails that are designed to be enjoyed in this region and if you don’t have your own gear and equipment, that’s not a problem. There are plenty of rental options in Rangeley to make this activity more accessible and convenient than ever.


Sometimes, the Rangeley landscape is best enjoyed during the winter months at a slower pace and if this is the case, consider snowshoeing your way through a Rangeley adventure! Snowshoeing is a great way to get the entire family involved and truly set your own tone for time outdoors. You can follow the well-defined trails that branch off from the Rangeley Lakes Trails Center or make your own route and enjoy some backcountry adventures.

Ice Skating at Haley Pond

Time spent on Haley Pond during a winter getaway to Rangeley is a must, especially if you have a passion for gliding your way through a stay. Haley Pond is transformed into a welcoming ice rink when it’s cold outside, and it’s a place where locals and visitors alike can gather to have a great time. Ice skates are available for rent if you don’t have your own, making time at the rink convenient and stress-free. This is a fun-for-all activity whether you’re an experienced skater or it’s your first time on the ice.

Ice Hockey

If you prefer your time on the ice to come with a touch of friendly competition, ice hockey is a popular winter time activity in Rangeley! Whether it’s a family-friendly game, or a full-blown competition complete with detailed score-keeping, ice hockey in Rangeley has a way of turning strangers into friends. Grab a stick and bring your gear for time well-spent on the ice during a winter getaway this direction.

Moose Alley on Main Street

While time spent outdoors during the winter in Rangeley is bound to be a highlight of your stay, when you want to get indoors and warm-up, there’s plenty of options for fun as well. Guests planning a vacation this direction will want to make sure to make time to thaw out at Moose Alley on Main Street. This family-fun stop is a great place enjoy bowling, spend time in the full arcade, or grab a bite and settle in for some live entertainment. Moose Alley is popular with locals and visitors alike and is known for its year-round vibrant ambiance! No matter when you drop by, you’ll find friendly service and options for fun waiting to greet you.

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