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Places to Get a Hot Winter Meal in Rangeley

When temperatures begin to drop and the snow begins to fall, some travelers run for cover in warmer weather destinations but those with a heart for outdoor winter adventure set their sights on Rangeley, Maine instead! This scenic and inviting destination is loved by adventurers from near and far who enjoy making the most of the winter months by planning an itinerary that focuses on the great outdoors. From snowmobiling and snowshoeing to downhill fun and ice fishing—Rangeley is a destination that calls to those with a sense of adventure that can’t be quelled.

It’s also a destination that calls to the winter traveler with an appetite for savory experiences! Year-round, Rangeley opens its doors to guests looking to make the most of a culinary lineup of options. In the winter season, there’s something particularly appealing about settling in at a restaurant where the ambiance is welcoming and the menu selections are versatile. When your travel plans bring you to Rangeley this winter and you’re looking for stops to please the palate after a day of fun, the following are just a few of the best places to eat in Rangeley, Maine and enjoy a hot meal in good company during your travels.

Portage Tap House

When a day of outdoor adventure has left you craving American fan-favorite dishes paired with some southern influence on the side, then a stop at Portage Tap House is a must when you’re in the area. This savory stop is located at 74 Carry Road in Oquossoc and is open to the dining public Wednesday and Thursday between 4:00 pm and 8:00 pm, Fridays from 4:00 pm until 9:00 pm, Saturdays between noon and 9:00 pm, and Sundays between noon and 8:00 pm.

Portage Tap House is currently offering both dine-in and carry-out options to guests looking to make the most of their mouthwatering menu during a visit to Rangeley. Those who do choose to dine-in will be invited to take a seat at one of the wooden family-style tables that surround a full bar with over 20 beers on tap. It’s important to note that social distancing standards are being put in place at this eatery and face coverings are required when not seated at a table.

The ambiance created in Portage Tap House is decidedly laid-back, friendly, and focused on a rustic-chic aesthetic. Bistro lighting hangs overhead to create a warm and welcoming feel while large windows provide a place for natural light to stream through in the early evening hours.

When it comes to the menu, the options are vast and varied at Portage Tap House. From soft pretzels and chicken wings to Maine mussels and clams, guests will find it easy to find something to please the palate with every visit. Portage Tap House offers up a variety of vegan selections as well as salads to pair with wood-fired pizzas. Whether you go with the New York Strip or salmon, a side of garlic parmesan fries is always a good idea.

The Blue Orchid

When your winter meal cravings in Rangeley are globally inspired, The Blue Orchid is sure to please. Situated at 2473 Main Street in Rangeley, The Blue Orchid is a fan-favorite Thai restaurant serving up bold and warm flavors in a fun setting.

The Blue Orchid is open Monday through Friday from 3:00 pm until 8:00 pm and is currently offering both dine-in and take-away options with masks required when not seated at the premises. The Blue Orchid provides a colorful, yet casual setting to enjoy a meal that features the best of Thai and Chinese cuisine crafted with a combination of imported and local ingredients.

Menu highlights of a stop at The Blue Orchid include everything from radish cakes and vegan dumplings to coconut shrimp, pad thai, and soft-shell crab. Hot pot tables make for convenient dining options at The Blue Orchid and a long list of specialized sauces helps customers customize their dishes to taste and style.

In addition to an impressive menu of Thai and Chinese fare, The Blue Orchid is a good place to grab a plate of Korean chicken and pair it with one of many beer options. Those looking to keep things sweet will enjoy ordering up a Thai iced lime tea or a hot cup of coffee to match with their specialty plates. From spring rolls and crab Rangoon to pu pu platters for two, The Blue Orchid is an eatery that serves up savory options that inspire flavorful thoughts in the heart of winter.

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