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Father’s Day Getaway Ideas At Rangeley Lake

When it comes to scenic destinations that beckon to be explored, there’s something endlessly inviting about the Rangeley Lakes region of Maine. While this area of the state enjoys spectacular scenery dotted with mountains, rivers, lush foliage, and lakes of all sizes, it’s also a place where visitors can kick back, relax and enjoy time dining and shopping too! With plenty of small-town charm to be savored and a sprawling terrain waiting to be explored, there’s no shortage of options for fun activities when you make your way to Rangeley.

This year, when it’s time to celebrate Father’s Day, consider pampering your dad with a trip to spectacular Rangeley. Whether he’s someone who loves to fish, can’t wait to hike, or finds all his happiness wrapped up in quiet moments taking in the scenery, Rangeley promises to be a place that’s bound to inspire and impress. While a Father’s Day getaway in Rangeley is a great idea, don’t be surprised if this holiday trip turns into something you and your family look to repeat year after year! When you’re ready to put together the ideal Rangeley Father’s Day itinerary, here are the activities you won’t want to leave off the list.

Go Cascade Hunting

While the Rangeley Lakes region is home to a variety of bodies of water to be enjoyed, there’s something special about hunting for those hidden away cascades that are just as inspiring. If your dad is up for some Father’s Day adventure, consider taking time to go hunting for waterfalls that dot the region. Small Falls is a mere 12 miles south of Rangeley and is a great place to enjoy a picnic, explore a footbridge or two or extend the adventure and take one of the trails that leads from Small Falls out into the great wilderness.

For a visit to an even closer waterfall, make your way to Cascade Stream Gorge which is a collection of pools and falls that can be enjoyed after trekking about 30 minutes along the nearby access trail.

Visit the Outdoor Heritage Museum

For the father that can’t get enough of learning and history, a trip to the Outdoor Heritage Museum is sure to please. Situated at 8, Rumford Road in the nearby village of Oquossoc, this heritage museum highlights a color history of outdoor sporting in Rangeley and the surrounding region. Photographs, artifacts, and a collection of unique outdoor sporting equipment and gear are on-hand to make up the great award-winning displays that are well-loved in Rangeley. Visitors to the Outdoor Heritage Museum will also enjoy a variety of profiles highlighting Rangeley locals that contributed to making this area an icon of outdoor adventure through the decades.

Go Hiking

No matter what level of trekker dad may be, taking a hike through the greater Rangeley area promises to be a scenic, exciting, and memorable experience! Located at 524 Saddleback Mountain Road, the Rangeley Lakes Trails Center is the optimal starting point when you’re hoping to treat dad to a day of Father’s day hiking. Located in the very heart of the lakes region, the Trails Center is a fantastic hopping off point for many trails in the area and is a great place to return to if you come back to Rangeley in the winter as it serves as a headquarters for premium snowshoeing experiences.

Enjoy Fishing

Located on Mingo Loop Road, Westwind Charters & Guide Service is your one-stop-shop for setting your dad up with chartered fishing trips during your Father’s Day getaway to Maine. Once dad has his fishing license in hand, this chartered experience promises to be seamless from start to finish. Aboard a Lund Alaskan, guests can enjoy a day on the water alongside a friendly and knowledgeable guide who will take them directly to the best spots for amazing Landlock salmon fishing. Electronic fishfinders and downriggers make the process simple while the insightful narrative throughout provides unique insight into what makes a successful day of fishing in Rangeley. Sit back, relax, and hopefully let dad reel in the next big catch of the day.

Go Moose Watching

A truly unique experience and a definite highlight of a trip to Rangeley, Maine is the opportunity to spend some time moose watching. There’s an undeniable thrill in the hope of catching a glimpse of these massive and majestic creatures! While this activity isn’t for the reckless, those with experience nature-watching who are willing to take the necessary precautions and keep their distance will enjoy this spectacular opportunity over Father’s Day in Rangeley. Route 16 between Rangeley and Stratton is a particularly popular hot spot for moose while the area between the Rangeley Scenic Overlook and Height of the Land is also a well-known moose-spotting destination.

Set Your Sights on Rangeley

Whether you’re in town for Father’s Day celebrations or heading this way any other time of year, the team of professionals at Morton & Furbish Vacation Rentals is here to make sure you enjoy the best of the best when it comes to accommodations. Contact us today to learn more about our many properties in the area.