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With its collection of towering pine trees, majestic wildlife and mesmerizing lakes and mountains, the state of Maine is a place that has long called to those with a heart for the great outdoors and off-the-beaten-path adventure. Its equally intriguing reputation for dynamic weather has meant that those that call the state home are always ready to face a challenge within the parameters of the state’s amazing opportunities for enjoyment. Whether it be a late spring blizzard or a mid-season hurricane, Maine’s coastal location means that its inhabitants and visitors can count on delighting in the state’s beauty, while remaining ready to take on the unexpected.


As COVID-19 has arrived on the global stage, Maine’s approach to stepping up to the challenge is no different. With a focus on public health and safety, Governor Janet Mills has been providing swift guidance to locals about the COVID-19 in Rangeley and to those that find themselves in the state during this difficult and unprecedented time.


Current Guidelines and Recommendations and Safety Tips


Beginning March 18, 2020, Governor Mills issued a state-wide mandate requiring all Maine bars and restaurants to close to in-dining customers. Take-out and delivery options will still be available during this time in order to uphold minimal to no-contact goals. This regulation will remain in place until March 31, 2020, at which time a full review will be conducted to determine if these regulations will be extended or expanded upon. In accordance with recommendations by the CDC, the Governor has also issued a public guideline restricting gatherings to no more than 10 people in order to slow the potential for the virus spread. Additionally, theaters, casinos, gyms, hair salons, shopping malls, and other non-essential public-facing businesses have been asked to close their doors for a minimum of 14 days in order to protect the greater public and prevent the spread of the disease.


While the state of Maine finds its economic strength within its small businesses, the surge of COVID-19 makes it necessary to bring things to a temporary halt. To that end, Governor Mills has requested and received approval to provide economic support loans to Maine small businesses, helping them cover the losses they may incur due to COVID-19 regulations. Emergency legislation has also recently been passed to help ease the restrictions on unemployment applications for the duration of mandates put in place regarding COVID-19.


For more information on state-specific recommendations, the Maine CDC has provided a regularly updated site for public review.


General Health Recommendations Related to CORVID-19


As the United States turns the calendar to April 2020, the arrival of allergy season can make it tricky to know whether or not you’re dealing with symptoms related to seasonal disorders or COVID-19. The CDC has outlined symptoms such as a fever, cough, chest pain or shortness of breath as more directly correlated to COVID-19 whereas those suffering from sneezing and running noses are more likely to be dealing with allergies or a traditional cold. Symptoms associated with COVID-19 may appear 2-14 days after exposure and those most at risk for developing COVID-19 at this point in time are assumed to be individuals 65 and older, those who have traveled frequently for leisure or work, individuals who work within the health care industry as well as those with underlying conditions.


Protecting yourself and others during these times is of the utmost importance. There are a variety of steps individuals can take to prevent the further spread of COVID-19. While there is no current vaccine for the disease, it’s thought that COVID-19 spreads from person to person when close contact happens. To that end, it’s important to maintain a lifestyle of social distancing in order to avoid potential exposure to the virus. If you must be around others during this time, maintaining a distance of 6 feet is helpful to prevent disease exposure. After you have been in a public space, blown your nose, coughed or sneezed, be sure to wash your hands with warm water and soap for at least 20 seconds. Hand sanitizer with at least 60% alcohol content is a sufficient alternative to hand washing when soap isn’t available. Cleaning and disinfecting living spaces regularly is also a good way to prevent the spread of illness as well as wearing a face mask out in public if you believe you may have symptoms or been exposed. The best way to protect others in the event you may have been exposed is to stay home and contact your physician virtually prior to making an appointment.


Because many of the health recommendations regarding COVID-19 revolve around distancing, it’s important to keep mental health a priority. While taking steps to prevent the spread of illness, individuals are encouraged to continue indoor exercise, meditation, healthy eating and indulging in those activities that keep your mind stimulated in order to maintain a positive outlook.


Eyes on the Horizon


At Morton & Furbish Vacation Rentals, we’ve long welcomed guests to come and experience the beauty and thrill of a trip to the Rangeley Lakes region. This space of peace and tranquility may be a bit quieter now, but we’re looking towards the horizon with the hope that soon, we’ll all be back to exploring the world together. When that time comes, we’ll be ready to welcome you to Maine with arms wide open. Until then, stay safe and stay healthy. Click here now to browse through our stunning vacation rentals.